Blogger Tools : Every Blogger Should Try them Out

Tools are easing all our efforts over. So why don’t try the tools which have a lot of benefits? So in this article going to see the top and useful productivity Blogspot or blogger tools that reduce the blogging working time. So let’s get into blogging tools.

blogger tools
Blogger Tools

Blogger and Blogspot Tools to Try It Out in 2021

1. Google Analytics

Every blogger should have the analytic tool to analyze all of the user engagement, traffic, bounce rate, etc. Even there are several websites analytics tools available to analyze the website. No tools minutes the google analytics tools. It is a reliable and precious analytic tool. The best thing in google analytics people likes the real-time reports, that is when the visitor visits the site the google analytics will show the user’s count in the real-time report immediately within a second once the site is connected to google analytics. Not only websites, but numerous web application has also been using google analytic to manage visitor engagement.

Google Analytics reports are Audience Reports, Advertising Reports, Acquisition Reports, Behavior Reports, Conversion Reports, Real-Time Reporting, User Flow Reporting, Data Freshness (Analytics 360 Only), Unsampled Reports, (Analytics 360 Only), Roll-Up Reporting (Analytics 360 Only), etc.

Google analytics curently is free to use. Till now to use google analytics don’t need to pay any amount for this service. So every blogger and web developer should try goggle analytics.

2. Canva

Canva is the golden tool for blogging. Without using this fantastic tool bloggers would be struggled with editing the images or thumbnail for the site. Traditionally bloggers will make the thumbnails and edit the photos using any kind of photo editing software. It makes a lot of time to export single images on the software, and sometimes could be faced the hanging problem cause of running the large software on the system. Canva defeats all those disadvantages, it is also an online tool. So using this online can easily edit and modify or create the images as preferred.

Canva has lakhs of readymade templates for marketing, personal, education, business, social media purposes. All the designs of templates saved on your account anytime can re-design or edit a template. Apart from bloggers, several YouTubers and freelancers have been using the canvas for general purposes like thumbnail making for the channel or freelancing.

3. Google Forms

Google forms are used for various purposes like conducting quizzes, analyzing surveys, and gathering feedback online. The bloggers must have the contact page in the sites page section. The contact pages help visitors to contact for the business or communication need.

The google forms have contacts form that already made with name, email, subject, and message input fields, the only things need to do is just embed that form on the blog contact page. That’s all, now the contact page is on the pages. When the visitor sees the contact page, they will send the messages by filling up the form details. The delivered message will be the response to the specific email which hosted the contact form. The form holders can only read the visitor contacted responses.

For the immediate notification of the responses, enable the email notification to receive the responses activity on the google forms.

4. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Sometimes don’t know what topic should take to write. There is one online tool to remove the confusion on the writing articles. This is Hubspot’s blog topic generator tool, just go to HubSpot’s too site. Once entered to the site, could see the input box to give the nouns like” Enter a noun to get started”.  Here have to add 5 nouns to get the topic. Then hit the Get Started button, which redirects to the new page where the topics are listed.

The tool will be useful for those who don’t know what to write on next.

5. Business Name Genrator

Besides of business name generator, this tool also is used to generate blog name ideas. So when starting a new blog or website need to name that. Using the business name generator tool can quickly generate thousands of blog name ideas. Also, this tool shows the domain names suggestions with the availability result as entering the blog name.

If the domain name is available of the blog name, there is the option to buy the domain from the domain provider ( CUrrently is GoDaddy Domain and Hosting Provider).

6. Ahref & Semrush

Both Ahref and Smerush are keyword researching tools. To rank, the blog post needs to apply SEO techniques on the post. Keyword researching comes on the SEO. So choosing the right keyword is a must, otherwise, there is a chance to the post can’t be ranked on the search engine. Using these tools can perform website analysis, checking domain rating, domain spam rate score, page authority, keyword analysis, keyword planning, keyword research, keyword difficulty. So choosing Ahref and Semrush can be a success on SEO and blogging. 

Even Many digital marketing experts and marketers have been suggesting to use these keyword research tools. So it is also good for blogging and digital marketing. Both tools have free trial versions, so choose which one is right for you after trying the free version.

I hope you enjoyed and liked much about Blogspot or blogger tools and don’t forget to share this awesome article with your friends and internet enthusiasts.

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