Business Tools to Get Success of Your Online Business

Sharing with you 10 essential must-have tools for the success of your online business. So enough of that, let’s go ahead and jump right into it. The tools, and what I will do first is list the key category or the type of tool. Then I will share with you some of the tools that I use or tools that you can go ahead and check out yourself that fit that category. All right.

business tools

1. Task Management / Productivity Tool 

So the first category of the first type of tool that you need in your business is a task management tool. This is just to help you stay organized and to keep you on task and to have your business flowing will easier. And just a place that you can keep everything that’s going on in your mind as well. So if you need a panel, then you may not know already that my favorite task management tool is notion. Now there are plenty of others that are very popular, that you can also check out a sauna is a really good one. A lot of people use Trello, which is also, you know, kind of similar because of the boards. So Trello Trello is a really good one as well for managing tasks. Having a task management tool. The reason why this too on it as number one on the list is that it is very important and it will come in handy throughout your business, whether you’re at the beginning stage or if you’ve been scaling and moving along that ladder, a task management tool is important because it’s also something That you can use when you have teams and you can share information easily. So get a task management tool.

2. Email Responder 

The second type of tool that I believe is very important for the success of your online business is an email responder. The reason why is because as you build your audience and build your clientele, you need a way to be able to communicate with them a way that you can get messages off to them without having to sit there and send messages also one at a time. Sometimes you can’t always reach everybody and social media. So having an email responder is important. Some popular ones that are out there are mill Chimp. That one is pretty popular for beginners convert kit, right? It’s popular for a lot of content, creators, bloggers, and also people that have to sell digital products. Active campaign is a very popular one that I believe is more advanced. Another very popular thing that you can do with an email responder is can send off a batch Of emails all at once, and you can also have emails being sent while you sleep. You don’t have to be up pretty much while your emails are sent. So this is great, especially if you sell digital products or online products that need to be delivered, whether that’s courses or eBooks, your auto email responder can be automated to where you can send off those items, no matter what time of the day someone buys the product from you.

3. Online Scheduling Tool

Men that you get in, which I feel is essential for growing your online business is a scheduling tool. Now, this comes in handy. If you are a coach or consultant, or if you run any kind of, um, online meetings, strategy calls, having a scheduling tool where people can go in and book their days and times that work for them, rather than you having to email back and forth, you know what time works for you? What day works for you?. An online scheduling tool that can make your days just a lot more efficient and you can get more appointments or more calls booked off a lot easier than the traditional back and forth. So some popular ones out there is Calendly schedule once acuity. It is like an all-in-one type of tool. It does have a calendar scheduling tool in there as well.

4. Document Management Tool 

So the fourth category of tool or type of tool that you use for your online business is a document management tool. I use Google drive because it has Google docs, sheets, you know, Google slides all incorporated in it. It’s easy to share amongst people, whether those are people that you’re working with or people that have purchased a product from you, you can easily, share the links of things using Google drive. Another popular one is Dropbox. I believe one drive is the name of it. One drive-by Microsoft. You can check those out. You know, we’re now living in a digital type of world where having papers like physical paper documents and file cabinets are becoming like a thing of the past, not for everything, but a lot of things. So having a place where you can do usually store documents and can easily find them and share it amongst your team or the people that you work with your clients or your customers is going to be a time-saver for you. I believe it will also help in the success of your online business.

5. Automation Tool 

The fifth type of tool is an automation tool and yes, all of the tools that I’m going to be listing today, most of them have almost had some type of automation in them. Like for example, your email autoresponder will have automation in there. We can set up auto sequences. Like when someone signs up for your newsletter, they get automatically sent an email or they buy something from you. They get automatically sent emails over a certain period. If someone books a date on your calendar, it automatically might set up a zoom meeting, or however you, you set that up. But what if you have two separate tools and you need them to speak to each other, this is where an automation tool comes into play.  So you can see why this type of tool can make your life as a solopreneur, or even just, if you were an entrepreneur and have a team, it can make things so much easier for you.

6. CRM & Pipeline Management 

The sixth tool That I recommend you have in your online business Is a CRM and pipeline management tool. CRM stands for customer relationship management and that tool cool does pretty much what it sounds like. It helps you manage your customers and your client. So the one that many people use surprise surprise is going high level. Having a CRM tool will help you out because you can see where someone is in your pipeline, in your whole sales funnel. So if they come in as a lead, maybe they just downloaded a freebie. You can see that they are where they are, or if there’s someone that’s customer, you can be, you can manage that. A CRM tool will help you do that.

7. Sales Page / Funnel Building Tool 

The next tool on the list is online sales page software or funnel software. This is important because if you are going to be online, then you need a place where you can actually offer your services or sell your services online as well. So having a sales page or a sales funnel allows you to do that for digital product creators and coaches, consultants, usually having a sales page or funnel software is the way to go. Though there are plenty out there. You just have to see what works best for you, even Shopify, which is more of like an e-commerce website, where you sell products and goods allows you to sell digital products. Now, I wouldn’t recommend that for courses, but for digital products, such as eBooks or things that you can easily deliver in an email or on Dropbox, then Shopify is also an option. 

8. Online Payment Processor

Now the next one on the list is a payment processor, because if you’re going to sell online, then you also need a way to accept payment online. So having a payment processor will help you process those credit cards that people will use to purchase things online. So the most popular ones that I know about are PayPal and Stripe. Now there may be more out there. Those are the ones that I use and that integrate with a lot of the tools out there. So a lot of the tools to build sales pages and funnels will integrate with PayPal. With Stripe, the only thing is you would have to create an account with PayPal or Stripe or whatever payment processor you will be using, and then have it integrated with your funnel software. All right, then moving along to the list.

9. Product Delivery / Course Hosting Platform 

The next tool that I would recommend having in your online business is a way to deliver your product. Now, if you are selling online courses, then you would want a course hosting platform, some popular ones out there are Kajabi Kartra members, vault, ClickFunnels, and SamCart, which I listed earlier as funnel tools. They also allow you to host your courses and host your digital products on their software. So that’s like a two in one as well. It is important to have a way that you can deliver these products to people. If it’s just an ebook or just a free download that can easily be delivered through email. But for courses, I would recommend that you have a course hosting platform to deliver it to your customers.

10. Finance Management Tool 

Last but not least a finance management tool. This is important because as a business owner, you need to be able to see the money that is coming into your business and the money that is flowing out of it and keep track of that. I’m sure there are plenty more out there that you can take a look at and just see, depending on where your business is, what type of tool that you require to be able to manage your finances.

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