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Intro & Summary

It is the platform that all your favorite celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneurs, are hanging out on these days. But you can not seem to get in the door. No worries, in today’s article, sharing about how you can get a clubhouse app invite. First, let us talk about the clubhouse and why is everyone talking about it right now. The three different ways that you can secure that coveted clubhouse invite. You can hack the invite thing. You can invite people without using one of your invites. Get into how not to use clubhouse if you want to stay in the clubhouse good books and if you want to land a good impression with your favorite influencers celebrities, and entrepreneurs who are also on the app.

What Is Clubhouse Application?

What is a clubhouse and why is everyone talking about it? Well, it is this drop-in audio app, it is pretty cool. That is the first app that ever heard of that is audio-only. You go into the clubhouse room and they have what they call the hallway. There are all these different rooms going on with different topics and different experts in there talking about. You know, their expertise and you can drop in on that app. You can listen to the conversation. You can raise your hand to be brought up on stage and ask questions or get involved in the conversations. You can be brought on to to be a moderator if people recognize that it is a topic of your expertise. It is been a cool app for most of us.

Especially because it is audio-only. It is something that you can use on the go maybe instead of listening to a podcast. You drop in on a clubhouse room or while you are on the go you can just like have it on be involved in conversations,  anywhere you are. As of right now, the thing about clubhouse is it is an invite-only app.  You have to be invited to the app which is a really interesting way that they marketed. It created this huge hype that people were looking for invitations.  They were begging for invitations or when people would finally get invited on it created this like, level of status that people were so excited to share you know on Facebook or Instagram.

How App Invites Work On Clubhouse

As mentioned, it is an invite-only app and when you join the app you get one invite. Now, the more active you are on the app you shall continue to get more invites. So you can bring more friends to it. Also the more you use those invites and people come on and they are using the apps you are going to continue getting more invites. The way to invite someone right now is by having them as a contact on your phone and your iPhone right now. It is before only available for IOS and now the Clubhouse app in the play store for android users. if they are a  contact on your phone you can invite them to the app.  They get to come onto the app and it shows on their profile forever that you are the person that brought them in on the app. 

clubhouse app invitation code
Clubhouse App Invitation Code & Link

Clubhouse Invitation Codes On Telegram

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How To Get A Clubhouse App Invite

Now, how do you get a coveted clubhouse app invite? Well, there are a few different ways. You can sign up for the waitlist on their app or the clubhouse website. But this might not guarantee you a spot there are tons of people who are trying to get spots in this app. The other thing you can do is maybe you make a social media post to your friends to your family you can even tag clubhouse.  Also does not guarantee that they are gonna see it and get you a spot. But just by putting it  out there that, “Hey, I am looking for an invite   to the app.” Maybe some of your friends have some invites available. The best way for you to be able to get an invite is through networking. By making that post on your social media or straight up asking the people that you know that are on the clubhouse, saying, “Hey, I am looking to get in on the party too. Do you have any invites?”. Straight up ask for what it is that you want. Network with influencers people in the space that are using the app and sooner or later someone will turn up with an invite for you too.

Hack To Be Able To Give A Clubhouse Invite

Now, there is also a hack to be able to give an invite. If you are someone that you’re already in the clubhouse. There is a way that you can invite people without it using one of your invites. If someone in your contacts list on your phone downloads the app. You may get a notification allowing them into the clubhouse without using up one of your invites. So keep an eye out for that notification on your phone and spread the joy.

The Best Thing About Clubhouse App

How you can use clubhouse in your marketing to get new clients. One of the best ways you can do that is to get into clubhouse rooms based on the expertise that you can speak to. Get involved in the conversation, raise your hand,  ask thoughtful questions, get on stage, and share your expertise on the subject matter. By spending some time on the app get involved in the conversations. You may find some really big benefits.

Clubhouse App – Amazing Networking Ground

The other huge benefit is it is such an amazing networking ground to be able to network with your dream 100. You know, your list of people that you want to be able to build relationships with or just you know be friends with. A lot of them are on these apps and you can set up notifications to notify you when they are in clubhouse rooms or when they start ones. That if you just keep showing up in the app, showing up, building conversation,  providing value, being respectful, and showing up for their audience. That could help to get them to notice you and build that relationship with you on the clubhouse and off of the clubhouse. Now before we get into my advice on what not to do in the clubhouse.

What NOT To Do On Clubhouse

Let us talk about what not to do in the clubhouse. What you do not want to do in the clubhouse is take over the room, talk too much, or not respect other speakers’ time to share. Because all the people in the clubhouse are here they want to provide value. They also want to listen to a ton of people.   If someone comes in and they just totally take over the room without the invitation to do so and you know it is totally fine to be brought up on stage and ask a question. Rooms where someone is brought up on stage they want to ask a question of you know the moderators on the panel. Instead, they end up sharing their whole life story and it gets awkward that they feel like they must give you the back story. For the speakers, for the moderators, for the other people that have questions. You want to abide by the rules. Ask your question, provide value when invited to. For the most part, you know network by maybe asking a great question without having to give your full backstory if it was not asked for.

The Great Thing About Clubhouse App

The great thing with clubhouse is that when you enter a room you are automatically muted and you are just put in the audience. The only way that you are brought up onto the stage is if a moderator brings you up. Maybe if they see that you are an expert on this topic they can bring you up and you can decide if you want to be a moderator. If you want to share the stage or you raise your hand and they bring you up to ask a question. When you are brought up on stage, muting yourself until it is your turn to speak, and again, be precise be to the point. Ask a really valuable thought-provoking question. Thank the speakers and be subtle about any promos. It is not your space to take over the room or talk too much or be disrespectful. The best way to network, joining the smaller rooms where it is more conversational. If there are bigger rooms where lots of people are trying to ask questions of the experts on the panel. Come in, listen, be polite, ask your question, and create space for other people to get a  good experience. 

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