Development Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Choosing the best popular development Programming languages to learn in 2021. Here is a detailed overview of the most popular and trending development programming languages take to learn in 2021. All these programming languages are used for different development purposes. Choose the one right programming language to learn which development field you are interested in.\

development programming languages

#1. Java

Always java will be top on the list because of its reliability and robustness of developing software and apps. It is an object-oriented programming language. If you want to become a master in java, you will need to cover all oops concepts in java. Java is widely used to develop hybrid applications and software. In our mobile there are huge applications, do you ever thought about who made these apps and what programming language is used to develop android applications. All android applications are developed using a java programming language. Google announced Java is the primary language to develop android applications in the Android operating system’s initial release. So if you are interested in developing android apps and publishing apps on the google play store, there is no hesitation to get your first language as java. Not but in developing apps, the software can build with java. The spring boot framework helps to build the backend of the application system in java. An interesting one in java is platform-independent, once you compiled the program can be run on another platform. Also, major MNC companies hiring a lot of employees who are good in Java. Codebooker is a useful site to learn Java, android, spring boot and programming tutorial for beginners.

#2. Swift

Objective-C was the primary language to develop iOS apps and software. After Apple Inc developed the new programming language called swift to ease the iOS development for the developers. Swift programming language is a general-purpose programming language released on June 12, 2007. Swift is not a complex programming language, if you are already familiar with some other programming languages. To become an iOS developer, learning iOS rather than objective-c is great. There are many online learning platforms on the web to learn iOS development like tutorials point and official ios development documentation courses. You have to need one Mac installed with Xcode integrated development environment to build iOS applications and software.

#3. Python

Python is high level, interpreted, and object-oriented programming language. You know python is dominating the current digital technologies. Python language is very easy to learn because of the syntax and concepts. In python can achieve the result of programming in a few lines of codes that is why python is great among the other programming languages. Now, the black chain developers have been using python language to improve security by writing less code. In Machine learning, data scientists, Artificial intelligence, and Neural networks all these industries Python dominate entirely. Also, python has many web development frameworks respectively Django, flask, bottle, and pyramid, etc. The popular python web development framework is Django to develop hybrid web applications with robustness. Django framework constructed using MVVM design pattern which is view based. Building software with python is easy comparing other development. Python has a Tkinter module to build software depending on the operating system. When working with database with python MySQL and MongoDB is a good choice. Now in many institutes and universities have been giving the priority to the python language as the first language for the students. Python will be dominated the upcoming 10 years in the development field.

#4. Kotlin

Like apple introduced a new programming language that is Swift to develop ios, Google introduced the new associate programming language to develop android applications is called Kotlin. Can say Kotlin is the upgrade of Java programming because that language includes all the java packages. The only difference between the two languages is syntax and features missed in Java added in Kotlin that’s all. Kotlin has simple less syntax comparing Java. Also, the Kotlin language has lambda and coroutines features that are not in Java. The coroutines ease the multithreading programming, also the simple line of Kotlin code to perform tasks that is why Kotlin is better than Java. Kotlin has the Ktor package to build asynchronous client and server applications. To get started with Kotlin development, install android studio 3.0+ and Kotlin extension that’s it. Also, Kotlin language can be used to cross-platform mobile apps development iOS and Android using the Kotlin Mobile SDK. Simply, Install the Kotlin mobile development SDK and start to develop cross-platform applications easily.

#5. C/C++

The master and grandfather of all programming languages are C and C++ also can say the parent of programming languages. Java snd its libraries are written using C and C++. Programming language. C and C++ are used to develop software, applications, embedded programming, and AI technologies, etc. It performs well in native programming. To game development, c and CPP is the best language for developing desktop and mobile games. If you need to know programming concepts, basic, and OOPS, definitely c and CPP will be going to help you. C is functional programming and CPP is a functional & object-oriented programming language.

#6. Javascript

There are millions of websites on the web to know the information about that we want to know. Ever you have the thought about which programming is used in the website in that JavaScript comes. Along with HTML, CSS interpreting language JavaScript is used to elevate the website functionalities and facilities to use robustly. JavaScript is a good language to develop websites and web applications, now there are JavaScript frameworks are developed likewise react, angular, ionic, and Vue to build web applications. The backend framework Node.js using JavaScript to develop the backend programming of the application. JavaScript is the client-side and server-side programming language to develop behavioral & interactive applications. Simply if you have the browser on your computer easily can get started with JavaScript to learn.

Improve the problem-solving skills that are an important skill to be a programmer. Try to solve some basic problems then try to go complex ones. Once you are good in programming, knowing any framework from that you learned programming is better, it will help you to get a great high salary job.

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