Download Instagram Photos, Videos, Reels, and Stories on Gallery

Instagram is the popular high-quality premium photo and video sharing social media. Instagram is also available in the major platforms to use. Not even only celebrities or social media influencers, many peoples have started using, publishing photos, and performing reels on Instagram. So in this article going to see how to download any images, profile pictures, videos, IGTV videos, and reel videos on the devices in mobile or system.

Instagram is the best social media for doing modeling, becoming an influencer, becoming famous, and reaching your business to the right audience. Simply just creating a business page on Instagram, can reach the business to the people and get sales on it. Every Instagram user might be in a situation where is need to download the Instagram-specific photo or video which desired or interested in the device. Unluckily, Instagram did not provide any feature or option to save or download pictures of videos on the device.

instagram photos, videos, reels, and stories downloader
Instagram Photos, Videos, Reels, and Stories Downloader

Can you save Instagram videos or images in the app

The Instagram app either Android or IOS does not have any download or save option.

How to save or download Instagram images or videos on the device

Saving the Instgarm Photos from Instagram Web

The Instagram web does not have features IGTV videos, reels, and more. Also, can not post images or videos by using the Instagram web. So there is no feature to save Instagram images or videos directly on the device. Let us see how to do that. 

1. Using the IG Downloader

Simply just go to the chrome webs store on the pc to add IG downloader on the chrome browser. Once the extension is added successfully to the browser follow the below steps to proceed.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account
  2. Choose the image post to download
  3. In the computer web interface of Instagram, beneath the post comment bar, could see the newly added download button near the save option.
  4. Just click the download button to initiate the download process. The image will be saved on the computer “downloads” directory (If the browser download directory is set to “downloads”).

2. Using iGram method

  1. iGram is the online web app or tool to download Instagram images, videos easily within minutes.
  2. Choose the post that wishing to download
  3. In each post of top bar, you could see the three dots option
  4. Just click the three dots button
  5. Once clicking the three dots button, the pop-up screen will appear on the screen
  6. Click the copy link option from the pop-up box

Once the link has been copied on the clipboard, just go to the site “”. There could see a large input box to paste the link. Just paste the link that you copied previously. Next, tab the download button to proceed. After tapping the download button within seconds, it will redirect you download page. You can download images, video respectively resolution, quality.

3. Using Savefrom Site Method

You might have heard Savefrom site before because it is a very popular web app or tool site to download youtube videos. This site has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube like all major social media platforms tools to save media files.

  1. Just visit this page to download Instagram images or videos
  2. Copy the post link that you going to download
  3. Paste the copied link in the input bar
  4. Next, click to proceed to download, that’s all

This method works fine in both mobile and computer to download images or videos for Instagram web users.

Instagram Stories

Everyone likes to put or view stories o Instagram. Like posts, in stories, there can not download directly on Instagram. So download Instagram stories easily follow the below instructions.

  1. Open up the browser visit the “” to save Instagram stories
  2. There, you can see the input that asks “Enter the Instagram account user name of the user” to continue
  3. You can know the username by viewing the profile of the user
  4. Enter the user name in the input box
  5. Tap the download button along with verifying the captcha.
  6. It will show up all the stories that put recently and also can see the download button search each story
  7. Next, click the download button that’s all

What are reels?

Later TikTok has prevented in many countries, Instagram introduced a new short video uploading feature that is reeling. Do not confuse IGTV videos with reels. Reels are 15-second short videos, but IGTV videos are larger duration videos. So now in this section let us see, how to save the Instagram reels on the device.

Now Instagram added the reels button in the app bottom navigation bar. Just click the reels button and scroll videos. Choose the video to download and click the three dots more button. You could see the “Copy Link” option on the newly popped-up window.

  1. Just go to Snapinst
  2. Simply paste the copied link in the input, that’s all. Now, you can download the reels video

Which is is the best instagram downlaoders app?

InsTake Downloader is the all-in-one downloader app to perform all Instagram download tasks.

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