SlideShare Downloader- Download Presentations from SlideShare Without Login

SlideShare Downloader – Download SlideShare PPT presentation quickly and efficiently without installing any software.

SlideShare is the platform to present the PPT. Many College and University students might be heard about SlideShare. Simply just logging on the slide share can make and get PPT in any topic that you want. SlideShare has bunch of existing PPT presentations to use for the purpose. Sometimes need to get a new PPT on a topic, so SlideShare comes to everyone’s mind. It has a PPT on the different topics and categories.

Easily can present PPT by simply logging on to the slide share site. Most cases need to download the PPT presentation from slide share. But unfortunately, SlideShare hasn’t been given the option to download the PPT presentation. So discussing how to download SlideShare PPT quickly without using any software. So let’s get started.

Downloading SlideShare PPT presentation is easy on mobile and pc (android, iPhone, windows, ubuntu, and Linux) using the web tools that going to see later rather than using the software.

Ways to download SlideShare PPT

1. Method using slidegrubber

1. Just go to and find the PPT presentation that you going to download from SlideShare

2. Once you find out the PPT and copy the URL of the PPT

3. Visit the site – It is a free tool app to download SlideShare PPT presentation to PDF format in the once click

4. There you could see the input bar. This is the place you have to paste the PPT URL link that you copied before

5. Once pasting the link and hitting the download button

6. The download will be started automatically within minutes

7. Using this tool your SlideSharePPT will be downloaded in PDF format

Note: You can’t download the PPT which has more than 100 slides on using slidegrubber tool.

2. Method using free slide share downloader

It is the popular slide share downloader tool site to download SlideShare.

Benefits of using Slideshare downloader tool?

1. Download any PPT quickly

2. Download the PPT presentation in PDF format

3. Win the download option which disabled by the Slideshare

Just Copy the URL of SlideShare PPT wishing to download.

1. Visit the slideshare downloader website

2. Paste the link on the input bar

3. Tab on PDF or PPT buttons in which file format want to download, click on that button to proceed

All these tools are free to use and don’t need to pay anything for. These are the ways to quickly download the SlideShare PPT presentation in PDF and PPT format.

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