Ways To Download YouTube Videos in PC and Mobile

Downloading YouTube videos on Windows and Android platforms is not easy. Every YouTube user has been using a kind of software or Application to download YouTube videos often. We know that YouTube does not provide any feature to download YouTube videos directly on your device. While you watching the YouTube video you May are liked the video and May have thought to download the video that time you could find out where is the download button is located. The fact is YouTube only provided the Save option. They didn’t provide any download feature currently yet. In this article, we are going to give you the best tricks to download YouTube videos on your mobile directly. Here we are going to discuss regarding best ways to download YouTube videos on Windows and Android platforms.

download youtube videos

So let me tell you the tricks and ways of download YouTube Videos on Your Mobile.

Every YouTube users have trouble downloading YouTube videos because YouTube does not provide any download feature (Download the video locally in our system or mobile). So the YouTube users can not download the YouTube videos but the users can save the videos on the YouTube cloud by clicking the save option. The main advantage of this feature is only users can see the video even the data connection is not available. The disadvantage of saved videos on YouTube you can’t share the video that you saved on the YouTube cloud.

Here are some best ways to download YouTube videos locally in your windows and android respectively.

URL Method – In Web

1. Just go to the YouTube in your browser by clicking the link.

2. Choose the video you are interested to download.

3. Now you can see the video URL.

For example:


4. Now just add “ss” after “https://www.ss” in the YouTube video link.

For example:


5. Then just go to the URL or Shortly enter the URL in the browser.

6. Now you can see the download page of the video from SaveFrom site and click download video without any installation which pops up on you screen. Simply ignore the pop ups so go ahead and the video will be downloaded automatically on your mobile. You could check it out in your storage download folder location.

7. In this site you can download any YouTube videos by simply copy the video URL and paste that in this site or you could follow the “ss” trick which we already discussed before and even you can choose the download quality of the video as per the video to download.

This is the easiest way to download YouTube videos on the Windows platforms.

Software Method Using IDM For Windows

There is a lot of YouTube video downloader software and converter available online to download YouTube videos. YouTube video downloader software and IDM – Internet download manager helps to download YouTube videos with ease and directly in your system. We are recommending IDM (Internet Download manager) to use for downloading YouTube videos because you can download any video from the web including the YouTube platform. Also, you can download videos from Netflix, Amazon prime video websites on your computer using IDM.

Download YouTube Videos on Android Mobile

1. Just download the SaveFrom app

The app download link :

App Link

2. Open the app once you have installed on your mobile, shortly you can also enter the app by clicking the share option which is located in the YouTube video.

When you click the share option you can see the app icon of savefrom.net app from choosing app list which pops up.

3. Just enter the YouTube video URL in the search option.

4. Then you can see the download option and click download.

5. The YouTube video will be downloaded in your mobile.

The above way is most people have been using in their mobiles.

Using Chrome Web Browser Extension Method for PC

Please read carefully and follow every instruction in this topic.

1. You have to add some extensions and installed the script on that extension for downloading videos from the internet.

2. So let us begin at first open chrome browser latest version then go to three dots on the right top of your screen menu will be open.

3. Then select setting inside that menu after setting page and next open select extension menu located on the left side of your screen panel below advance.

4. Now you are on the extension page enable developer mode now open a new tab on your chrome browser and enter the https://www www.tampermonkey.net download link is and just click on the download button.

Download link for Tampermonkey extension:

Tampermonkey Link

Simply download the stable version of Tampermonkey.

5. It will direct you to the chrome web store where you can add extensions to your chrome web browser.

There we are going to install Tampermonkey extension.

6. Then now simply just click add to chrome button this will add tamper monkey to our extension page.

7. Next you have to open another new tab in the chrome browser and type https://download.sf-helper.com/chrome/helper.user.js?ts=1604326162 then enter to the link.

8. Go to the script page in Tampermonkey open it and just click to install button on the left side this will add YouTube downloading script to your Tampermonkey extension.

Now close all tab that is opened in your chrome browser and restart your chrome web browser. Now enter youtube.com on your browser and choose any video which you are interested to download. You can see a green download button at the video bottom that was added by Tampermonkey. You can also choose which quality of video you want to download after that click download that’s all guys.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and Thank you for reading the awesome tutorial and keep visiting.

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