The Ultimate Pro Tips & Secrets For Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help any business connect with customers or potential customers in a very effective way. That is of course if you can get that initial click to stick. Marketers typically use commercial emails for various reasons, such as advertising products, soliciting sales, requesting business, or requesting donations. Whatever the reason may be email marketing presents a wonderful opportunity for us as marketers to build awareness and increase sales and basically to stay relevant in our customer’s minds. Hi, everyone. In today’s article, we shall be sharing with you top email marketing tips and the ultimate secrets for 2021. So let’s get started to see the email marketing tips and secrets to implementing in the business.

email marketing tips
Email Marketing Tips
What is email marketing?

Top Email Marketing Tips & Secrets

1. Building Relationships

First, let us break the ice with a brief definition of email marketing. Email marketing is a highly effective digital strategy of sending commercial emails to customers or potential customers. The groundwork of any successful marketing effort is building relationships and it is no different when it comes to your email. A common mistake made by companies that are not seeing impressive email conversions occurs when the term email marketing is not taken literally, but instead implemented in reverse: marketing email.

Transport with me back to the pre-digital age, when pen pals were a common way of communicating. People would establish relationships primarily or sometimes solely on their exchange of letters. You might imagine that said letters would be very personal, intimate, and evoke a sense of emotion with the reader that in turn would result in a response. Well, successful email marketing follows the same good old practices of the pen pal era. When constructing an email campaign, building a relationship with the recipient should be the main focus.

Once you consider what it would look like if they were to pen a letter to their customer or prospect, would the letter start with an offer, Hey, you! We are offering 20% off shop now or would it say something more personalized? Like, Hey, we thought you had love to know what is happening at our store. A successful email landing in your customer or prospects inbox should feel like receiving a new letter from a friend. On the contrary marketing emails that are solely focused on selling can often deter recipients from clicking and in the worst-case scenario end up in the spam or trash folder. 

2. Science Of Segmentation

It is not science, but segmentation is an extremely useful strategy that helps you determine the best path of success for your email marketing efforts. A simple way to look at segmentation is to step back from your email list when constructing a campaign and ask yourself the following question, who should see this? The answer to this question will immediately provide you with various segments or criteria, which can then help you divide your email list into relevant groups. The belief is that the specific content in your email will resonate with a specific group, more authentic.

Email list segmentation has helped many businesses experience, higher open rates, lower unsubscribes, and lower spam reports. On the other hand, no email list segmentation can result in lower open rates, higher unsubscribes, and higher spam reports. In my own experience, we have found that segmenting my email list into the following four pillars have in many cases returned successful results and helped me achieve my email marketing goals. The four pillars of segmentation are geographics, demographics, psychographics, and behavioral. Let us take a look at a quick breakdown of each.

Geographics. Segmenting your email list by geographic relevance can be a very useful method of implementing marketing localization or tailored content to a specific place. However geographic segmentation includes much more than just a certain place. Here are other ways you can divide your email list, geographically. These include country, city, density, language, climate, area, and population. These are all known as digital DNA. Demographics. Having this information can prove to be golden in all of your marketing efforts.

Let alone email marketing, as you can make very specific decisions on how to present your business and brand to the most relevant audiences in the most compatible ways. Demographics include age, gender, income, education, social status, family, life stage, and occupation. All of which are referred to as firmographics. Psychographics. Psychographics may require a more in-depth understanding of your email list or a very intelligent software that can analyze this data amongst your email list and present it to you. Psychographics include lifestyle, activity, interest, opinion AKA AIO, concern, personality, values, and attitudes.

This information is known as contextual insights. Behavioral. This pillar is known as the digital body language and is defined by indicators, such as user status, their purchasing cycles, customer life cycle, engagement, intent, did the person subscribed voluntarily? Did they unsubscribe or change email preferences, and etc? These insights can provide you with a well-rounded idea of who you are sending an email to and what to expect or to look out for. Of course, this is not a standard segmentation framework that will work for every business or every email list.

It is just an example of some of the ways you can categorize your email lists to start sending out relevant emails to the people on your list who are most likely to take action. Failure to segment your email list is like offering a glass of milk to Sam. You do not want to do that. Trust me. If you are looking to connect with your customers through email marketing, Shopify has everything you need from templates to track, Shopify email gives you the tools to build lasting customer relationships, and with no experience needed, you shall look like an expert, right from the start. You can get started with a free 30-day trial. No credit card is required. Click this link right here to get started on your business journey.

3. Sending an email that does not have to be boring

Yummy emails, an email does not have to be boring. In fact, by creating and sending out what we like to call yummy emails. Customers will not only want to click and consume the content but will anticipate receiving your emails. It is just like a digital yummy treat. So how do you make an email? We like to use a phrase that we call Dan’s Ice Cream Philosophy, how to create emails that make your customers want more. Dan’s is an acronym that stands for delicious design, anticipation, not too much, and sample first. Let us explore this phrase. 

Delicious design

People tend to appreciate the effort in any form, and it is no different with your emails. A well-designed email should highlight the brand and reinforce the brand story while at the same time, not being too invasive and commercial.

A few things to consider when coming up with a delicious design are a good use of color, easy to read, easy to make selections, great imagery, and a clear call to action. 


A well-constructed email campaign should leave the recipient, wanting to learn more. It is that kind of excitement that causes your prospects to take action and consider your products or your services. The important thing to keep in mind when sending an email to customers or potential customers is that you are offering a taste, not a meal. Our goal is email marketers is to wet the digital palette of our prospects and create a sense of desire for what we are offering. If this is done right, customers will not only want to click our emails when we send them, but they shall also have a sense of anticipation for the emails that we shall send in the future.

When it comes to the frequency of emails you send out finding the right balance can play a major role in maintaining positive key performance metrics like open rates, bounce rates, unsubscribes, et cetera. Here are three questions you can ask yourself when determining that sweet spot for your email campaigns. What do we sell? Who do we sell it to? and what is the average purchasing cycle for a product like this? The answer to these three questions should give you a much better understanding of how many emails are too many. 

Not too much

Not too much, When it comes to the content and copywriting in your email. You shall want to be careful not to overdo it similar to the anticipation and email frequency less is more. Your recipients will appreciate the effort you display in shaving down the information to make it easier to consume.

The more content you include in your email, the more difficult it becomes to understand what you are trying to say. Think about the well-known elevator pitch, where an entrepreneur is expected to effectively and clearly state their entire business concept in 30 to 60 seconds. Implementing this kind of mentality when drafting up your emails will help you get your message out there and more importantly, help your prospects find the information they are looking for when considering taking action with your products and your services.

Sample first

The last element of Dan’s Ice Cream Philosophy is a sample. Sending your final email to yourself or your team for proofreading is of the utmost importance. Creating a delicious email can be a tedious task. The last thing you would want is to send out an email that is filled with spelling errors and typos missing links and images. To your recipient, this can feel like receiving a yummy dessert only to find a strand of hair on top. Here is a short checklist that you can reference before sending out your next email campaign to ensure that you have got all bases covered. Send a test email to yourself, proofread, spell check, test your subject title, and fine-tune your tagline.

4. Polish your process

In this article, we talked about email marketing secrets and the ultimate tips. The main points we highlighted were building relationships, the science of segmentation, Dan’s Ice Cream Philosophy, and how to create emails that make your customers want more. All of these tips and strategies are part of the email marketing process. It is very important to understand the process of how to organize your email marketing, as failure to understand the process will in most cases, result in random email campaigns that do not exactly deliver impressive results.

Email marketing can be a simple step-by-step process, which will allow you to send out stunning emails to your prospects consistently. Let us take a look at the step-by-step email marketing process, which you can use as a guide for your next successful email campaign. 

  • Number one. Define create a name and a theme for your email campaign and populate your email with clear creative and catchy content. that your prospects will love. 
  • Number two: test. Send your email to yourself and your small inner circle to proofread, spell check, and also examine how your email will land in your recipient’s inbox. 
  • Number three: send. Send your email campaign right away, or schedule your email to send out a specific date in time.

5. Measure

Examine the performance of your emails and the responses from your prospects. These can include open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, and conversions.

6. Report

Analyze the results of your email campaign and start to make changes and conclusions about the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies to ensure healthy growth amongst your list. These reports can include information such as social shares, bounce rates, and customer behavior on your website. Well, the secrets are out. You now have the tools you need to start creating delicious emails that will help you grow your business and increase your online conversions. Not only that, but you also have a process guideline that you can use to ensure that your email list is getting the most value and information in a way that feels tailored to their needs.

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