Five Fiverr Gigs Services Without Having Any Skills

Making some part-time income online without having any skills. You do not need skills to make revenue on Fiverr. Know about five gigs services that you can offer on Fiverr without having any skills.

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1. Language Translation

You can offer on Fiverr without any skill in English and other language translation. Do you need to go to school to translate something from one language to English or English to another language? No, you do not because as a Kenyan, especially, you are a native English speaker. So you can speak and write English. So all you need to do is to find someone who needs translation services. People look for such services on Fiverr. It is a service that gets people money on Fiverr, as you can see. So simply go to Fiverr and create a translation gig where you say, I am going to translate your document, I am going to translate your video or your audio from English to another language or familiar language to English. 

Just make sure you indicate what your client is going to get. Make sure your gig is as professional as possible. So you can offer English and familiar language translation. You do not need to go for any training or you do not need to go to any school for that. If you are not a native language speaker or you do not understand the languages, you know, English or some familiar languages, then use Google Translate. Google Translate is free. It is very accurate most of the time, and there are very many software and apps out there that can also help you translate. So you do not need any skill for that.

2. Image Background Removal

You can offer image background removal as a service. You can use Canva to remove backgrounds from images. It has an image background removing feature. Apart from Canva, there are so many apps or you know, platforms where you can do this for free. People need this service, and you should be the one offering this service and you do not need any skill. You just need to create a gig on Fiverr, be sure to be clear with what you are offering. Be very specific about what your client will get. This is a service that you can offer on Fiverr and make money out of it. 

3. Online Research

Online Research sounds simple, but it is not. It is a very lucrative field or rather a very lucrative service or gig to offer on Fiverr because this is a service that a lot of people are looking for. You know, academics, researchers, there are even creators who need this service. 

How Online Research Works

There is a writer somewhere who wants to write something on technology, maybe a certain phone or a certain software is out and they need to write about it, they need to research it, but they do not have the time. So then it is your work to come in and do the research for them. Put your findings in a Word document and then send them to your client. Now, what your client is going to do is just to get your findings and develop their article from that. So you see you have saved them a lot of researching time and researching takes time, by the way. So researching is a gig you can offer on Fiverr.

4. Proofreading and Editing

Proffreading and editing is a service editing, spelling, grammar check, puncuation, correctness on the document. This service is very easy to provide, if you have good skills on correcting mistakes on the document.

5. Data Entry and Copy-Pasting

It is a service on its own. You do not need to register for training to know how to do data entry. You do not need to go to any school for that. So data entry comes in many forms and shapes but it is a very easy skill to do. Someone might give you a list of websites and they tell you you copy-paste the contact details or the contact information from all the websites and paste that information into an Excel sheet. So you show the website and the contact information. So just copy-pasting, data entry, sometimes organizing data, sometimes deleting entries, sometimes adding entries, editing a few things here and there, it is all data entry. 

You can also do subtitling. It sounds difficult, but it is not. Why? Because you do not have to do it yourself. There are so many apps and software and tools that you can use to automatically subtitle or transcribe videos and audios. That is a service you can offer on Fiverr. If you use these tools like YouTube, if you use the Facebook transcription feature, if you use Descript,, if you use Temi, they are not 100% accurate. You will still need to go in and do some editing and just correct some words that maybe they captured wrongly and all that but they usually reduce the volume of work that you have to do because now all you have to do is to edit and sometimes you do not even have to make many edits depending on the kind of audio or video you are transcribing or subtitling. Subtitling is a service that you can offer. People are already offering it and making money and it pays very well. Clients pay very well for this service and you do not have to do it yourself. 

These are very easy services to offer. Almost anyone can offer these services which means there are a lot of people already offering these services. There are people already who have all these gigs set up and they are already making money out of this. So then it is up to you to make sure you position yourself in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you stand out then clients will be able to spot you and use your services and eventually pay you. So when you create these gigs, make sure they are as professional as possible. They are as inviting as possible. Make sure your services are as affordable as possible. Just try to see what other freelancers are on the platform, how they are creating their gigs.

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