Suggestions to Getting Noticed on Clubhouse 2022

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Ever since the app launched, getting noticed on Clubhouse is somewhat of an art form? Let’s talk about how to get noticed at Clubhouse. But let me spell some of the mystery to you by giving you the first biggest tip for getting noticed on Clubhouse. Did you know that invites can help your status on Clubhouse? I’ll show you how? later in the article. By the way, there are 2 Clubhouse rooms you should make a point of attending. More of that in a couple of minutes.

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How To Get Noticed On Clubhouse App

Here’s the first biggest tip for getting noticed on Clubhouse. Are you ready for it? It’s to join established clubhouse rooms. You raise your hand, you click the raise hand button and you can hopefully get called up by the speakers and if you have something well-thought-out to say or you have a thought-provoking or profound question that’s going to inspire conversation, that can help you to build a good reputation on Clubhouse. You want to make sure that whatever you’re saying is of course contributing to the conversation and is interesting to them enough that they might want to click on your profile, look at your bio and who knows? Maybe follow you on to a different platform or click the link and check out what you’re about. You know if you’re trying to push a product or service, make sure you’re also saying something of value to retain your audience and stay in the moderator’s good books.

What To Avoid Doing In A Clubhouse Room

Never, ever recommend that you go into a Clubhouse room and ask to be brought up on stage and start pitching or promoting your products. We can tell, everyone can tell when someone comes up, they raise their hand and they seem like they’re trying to ask a question but then they give this backstory to the question that’s promoting something that they do and everyone. It’s just that kind of slimy feeling, we know the intention isn’t in the right place so make sure that you are always staying there from a place of the good intention of actually contributing to the conversation ’cause that can go so much further in providing value for your audience in a way that isn’t spammy or stepping on the moderator’s toes.

How To Build Relationships On Clubhouse

The more you participate in Clubhouse rooms, the more likely you’ll also be discovered by big influencers and entrepreneurs and just like if you were meeting anyone in person, you don’t walk up to someone at an event or a cocktail party and just automatically start talking about yourself or try to slip the conversation into a pitch. You try to get to know them, you contribute to the conversation, which then can lead to building a relationship which then can lead to maybe having other conversations about maybe a working relationship.

How To Get Invites To Clubhouse

Now, the more you use Clubhouse, the more you can also get some Clubhouse invites. The clubhouse is an invite-only app. You can only invite people through having a certain amount of invites, you can send them through text. If you have friends that aren’t on Clubhouse yet, you can invite them. If you have especially friends in your industry that might be industry leaders, invite them to join Clubhouse and maybe create some rooms together. Moderate some rooms together and be strategic. Only invite people who you think will actually use the app and maybe people that you can collaborate with and network with. Now, also keep in mind that when you invite or nominate other users, your profile will be mentioned on their profiles as “nominated by.” This creates an additional link back to you and if your friend continues using the app, other people who might check out their profile might check out your bio.

How To Create Your Clubhouse Room

Inviting people in your industry or influencers in your space to join you on Clubhouse can be a great way for both of you to get noticed if maybe you create these Clubhouse rooms together and create Clubhouse’s based on really popular topics. Think about your behavior when you’re scrolling through Clubhouse. What rooms stand out to you? Do you look based on maybe your friends or influencers or entrepreneurs you look up to and think you want to join the room based on who’s in it or is it based on the title of the room? Now, it’s a bit of both and if you can get both together, you are going to get noticed for sure but you’re going to have to put in that effort at first, and building your Clubhouse is almost like you know exercising that muscle. You want to get involved in the conversations, you want to learn how to be a good moderator, you want people to invite and ping people into good conversations and ask thoughtful questions and post these profound takeaways when you’re up on that stage. The more you can do that, the more you’re going to get noticed.

How To Choose Which Clubhouse Room To Join

When you’re thinking about which Clubhouse rooms you should attend especially when you’re trying to grow your presence on there or you’re trying to network or get yourself noticed or find new clients, the first place that you should look and the first one you should decide on is to attend Clubhouse rooms led by people you know. That means you’ll have a greater chance to be recognized and have a chance to speak if you want to raise your hand and be brought up to the stage. If you can create friendships and relationships with people that you also know, generate and moderate high-quality rooms and that you can have the opportunity to be brought up there. That’s going to give you the chance to speak, share some knowledge, share some takeaways, ask great questions, which will lead to people noticing you, checking out your bio, and maybe networking with you even further, even off of Clubhouse.

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