Why AdSense Rejected My Site or App? and AdSense Application Rejection Reasons

Now, getting Adsense is very difficult because the web has changed totally. So starting in 2018, it is enough if you have one site with 20+ posts and then applies to Adsense. Then one or two days, you will get AdSense approval instantly, without facing any issues. After 2020 Adsense introduced the new policies to websites or apps to get AdSense approval for publishers. So now all, if the website or apps does follows the Adsense policy guidelines only can get AdSense approval. So are you frustrated with getting AdSense approval after trying many times? So do not worry this article is for you to get AdSense approval quickly without facing any rejections in the first attempt. Before you apply to Adsense your site, it is mandatory to know how the AdSense approval process has been going. So follow all these steps, you will get AdSense approval instantly. Let me dive into the topic. So let us understand the AdSense rejections with reasons and how can resolve those Adsense rejections with ease.

Full Overview Of Adsense rejections that reasons of the application or app can get rejected

1. Could Not Reach Your Site

This error occurs in rare if you are not adding the AdSense script code on the website or app’s head tag. The blogger users do not need to add the AdSense script code on the webpage, just connecting the site to AdSense is enough. To connect the blogger site to Adsense just follows the below steps

  • Go to the blogger and login
  • Just click the earnings tab
  • You could see the connect your site with Adsense button on the bottom 
  • Simply tap that button to connect, that’s all. Now you have successfully connected to Adsense

After following the above steps, the blogger will automatically add the AdSense script code to the webpage.

WordPress users must add the Adsense verification script code on the site or apps manually. Alternatively, there is one WordPress plugin which is called Sitekit developed by google to ease that process.

Other publishers cPanel hosted sites or apps can only add the code manually. So never arise this basic AdSense rejection on your websites or apps.

2. Under Construction

Not setting up the thee properly of the site or changing the theme during the AdSense checking process or customizing the theme during the AdSense approval processes (Like theme colors, font-family, font-size, adding widgets, deleting widgets) all these pieces of stuff could arise Under construction rejection. So during the approval process do not change anything on the theme or template. Just post regularly on the blog or website.

3. Navigation Rejection

Many people have been struggling with navigation errors. Navigation rejection will come if the sites or apps navigation menus are not proper. Check the below-instructed steps on the sites or apps navigation menus to avoid this rejection.

  • Navigation menu links should not be dead links (Like 404 Links)
  • All the links must redirect relevant web pages
  • Internal Links and External Links should be a dead link
  • Check all the images are loaded correctly or fully loaded. Unfortunately, you might have deleted any image in the image repository(For blogger Google’s album archive) that may lead to a navigation issue.
  • Misleading webpages

To analyze all the dead links on the whole site, there is one popular tool online is called Broken Links Checker that will give the result as broken links list as analyzing entire site links one by one deep checking manner. If you find any broken links using this tool, just remove all these links immediately from the site as possible.

Use the correct theme which is not causing the navigation-related issue. In most of the blogging themes, the navigation did not work well as expected on Adsense. Just check the site navigation bar is showing or not by enabling AdSense auto ads, that’s all in the navigation issues. Once all is set, this issue will be gone.

2. No content

No content, the rejection reason of it in this name. When the site has not had enough content or the posts are not indexed on a search engine, that sites or apps could face this rejection. So write enough content on your site (at least 30+ posts, each with 850+ – 1350+ words). Also, make sure all the posts are indexed on the google search engine. Google search console’s coverage report helps to know the posts are indexed or not.

3. Scraped Content

Yes, scraping content from other sources is illegal in AdSense. The copied or plagiarised or scraped content from other sources strictly are not allowed on AdSense. So the publishers should not copycat actions in their websites or apps. If your site has copied content or source or materials, you will not get AdSense approval ever. So remove all of the copyright materials on your blog or site as possible.

To get copyright-free images to your blog, use Pixabay or Unsplash those sites have been providing copyright-free images. You can use images from those sites anywhere without adding any credits to the original author and many bloggers or content publishers have been using those sites to get images for purposes.

4. Content Policies

Adsense also described the full overview of content policies on the AdSense blog. So the content of the site must be followed by the content policies. Let us see, most of the newbie’s mistakes in blogging are posting illegal content, restricted content, sensitive content, etc. If you post too much-scraped content, this issue will come. So always write or post content are not violate the AdSense content policies.

Who are eligible to apply for AdSense?

If your age over 18, you can apply to Adsense.

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