Must-Have Google Services and Products to Try in 2022

Now Google has many services and products for different general purposes. In this article going to see about, few google services that will be helpful in our the day to life routines. All these services and products are free to use, so don’t hesitate to try them out.

google services and products
Google Services and Products

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage service provided and managed by the giant company Google. It is almost free to use and can easily share all the uploaded files with anyone. To use google drive to free, you should have a google account Sign in on google drive and upload the files on it. Also, google drive has limited storage to 15 gigabytes. Once the storage is full, can’t upload any files on it. But can extend the storage by buying storage space. There is currently three plan in the google drive to use. Google drive gives a free plan for every user that is the 15 GB storage current plan. Besides the free plan, there are basic, standard, and premium plans to buy, if you need to upgrade to the current free plan. Let’s see one by one.

First comes the basic plan, if you use google drive for the general-purpose this plan is enough for you. This plan has 100 GB storage, so get this plan need to pay around 2 dollars (130 rupees) every month. 

The second plan is standard, this plan is for those who are uploading large-size files on the cloud. This plan has 200 GB storage for approximately 3 dollars per month.

The last plan is the premium plan, this plan is for those who are uploading over 500 MB size files and institute companies.


Google drive can shred to upload files when giving the driver access to third-party applications. By Granting the storage access permission to google drive, the third-party apps could be upload irrelevant files for their purpose.

2. Google Meet

In the pandemic situation, video conferencing becomes popular among the studies, company employees. Now, a lot of students have been using video conferencing services to attend online classes. It is advantageous for work from home employees to communicate, discussing projects with tea mates and other employees. There is o doubt, google meet is the superb and best application for video-conferencing applications. It is available on all major platforms to use. It makes us feel comfortable with the user interface and experience, so why the google services are always best.

How many participants can join in the google meet at the time

Now only 100 participants can only join in the single meeting of the 60 minutes duration. Bear with google in the future, there is a chance to extend the participants limit to above 100.

On the mobile, you can join the meetings either by downloading the google meet app or using Gmail’s meet that is the shortcut to join meetings instantly.

3. Google Contacts

Google has its own contacts applications, many of the operating systems has given the google contacts app as the default built application to manage contacts. Contacts are very important for us, so store them on trustworthy applications like google contacts. Also, when creating the new contacts, those contacts will be stored on the cloud of the Gmail account that synced with the google contact.

Not only saving the contact on the cloud, and also import or export contacts in google contacts. Unfortunately, If the contact is deleted, can easily recover from the trash until Gmail is synced.

4. Google Translate

Some time has to translate the unknown language to the native language, so google has the google translate service to translate. There are 100 languages are in google translate almost all languages. Bloggers should add the translation service on the blog or website, it will be helpful when the visitor doesn’t understand the language.  Using the google translation widget, visitors can quickly translate the page content to their native language by choosing. 

5. Google Map

Goole map is one of the best and advantageous applications from google. Google map helps, and it is a navigator when going to new places and locations. By using google maps can get a lot of real-time benefits respectively the navigation path, the shortest way to reach, time to take reach the place. Goole maps users never missed their locations to reach correctly. The google maps service has a cool facility that is measuring distance, measuring the distance from one point to the destination point respectively walking, bus, and train. Need to know real-time traffic information quickly try it out.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform. Not only youtube has been using entertaining purposes. It also used to learn, know anything that you ant on youtube. There are many YouTubers in the different categories who are passionate about the niche uploading the videos. By starting the youtube channel, can make some money on it through AdSense.

7. Google Docs

To edit documents and process documents data in online and offline, google forms is.

8. Google Forms

Most of the google forms users use the google forms service for gathering feedback from the people.

I hope you liked much about all the google services and products.

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