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Some people have thought that is Making money online is not easy, but that is not true. There are a lot of genuine websites, apps to make money online. If you work only as perfect, you will get paid for that instantly. Otherwise, you will get frustrated. So we are here to discuss the new app making money online by Google LLC called Task Mate.

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There a lot of ways are available which are genuine to make money online. Start blogger, affiliate marketer, and become a freelancer those are the best ways to make money online as you can get paid for your work. So just begin to choose anything one of those if you have a passion for it. In this article, we are going to show you how you can receive payment online in a genuine way method. So let us get started on the topic.

What is Google Task Mate?

Google has recently launched the Task Mate application in the play store that helps people can earn a lot of money by doing simple tasks as we do in the home. The Tasks likely are Record Spoken sentences, Transcribe sentences, Check Shop details, Take Photos of Shopfronts, and More. This app is currently in Early Access which means only a limited number of users can use this app. if you have a referral code, you can use this app by placing the referral code in the referral section of the application.

  • Simple Specification of the Task Mate application:
  • Find tasks nearby
  • Complete a task to begin earning
  • Cash-out your earnings

There are two categories available in this app to complete tasks and earn money.

  • Sitting Tasks
  • Field Tasks

Sitting Tasks:

Record Spoken Sentences, Transcribe Sentences, Check Shop Details, and Data entry these tasks are included in the sitting tasks you can complete tasks as simply sitting in your home.

Field Tasks:

In the field works you need to go nearby to complete tasks like Check shopfronts details, take photos of shopfronts.

How to cash out my earnings in the Task mate app?

Go to the Rewarded/dashboard section where you can see the earned rewards and the pending tasks and approved tasks revenueOnce the pending review of the task is approved the rewards will be added to the approved rewards like money and you can cash out the earnings by simply clicking the cash-out option.

What is the minimum payment can I checkout in Task Mate Application?

Minimum 10.00 dollars are currently allowed to cash out. We may expect in future they can extend above 10.00 dollar.

Can I transfer earned money/rewards directly to a Bank account?

You can directly check out earned money to your bank account. For that you may have to verify your bank account in Google Task Mate to cash out the earnings.

How to earn money in google Task Mate?

Here is, how to install the application and earn money in Google Task Mate in Android.


Currently, the google Task Mate app is not available to the IOS platform. So here we are going to show you how to install Google Task Mate App in Google Play Store. It is currently in the early access so you have to use invite code to further process in this app.

1. Go to the play store to install the app on your mobile.

2. Open the app put the email address to complete account setup and tap the Get Started.

3. Select the app language there are currently listed two languages English and Hindi you can choose one of them.

4. Enter the Referral code which you have a valid one and Do not put invalid Referral codes you can get a chance to get blocked if you enter the invalid codes multiple times.

5. Read the terms and conditions and tap on accepting the agreement.

6. Once you have accepted the T&C you have entered the main entry point of the app. Here some tasks are listed to perform. Choose one of the tasks which you are interested in


You can skip some tasks if you want, also you can be done those tasks anytime and anywhere.

7.Once the tasks are completed, you can get rewards as money per the tasks in the rewarded section.

8.You can check out your rewarded money by simply clicking checkout to your bank account directly.

How to check out / Redeem earned money in the google task mate app?

You can check out earned money of only approved tasks rewards and the pending tasks rewards will be added anytime in the approved rewards section once the tasks are validated. You can redeem/check out/withdraw the payment via a registered payment account in the google task mate application.

How to get a referral code for the google task mate application?

A lot of people have been searching for referral codes to the google task mate app. Google LLC did not release any invitation codes publicly. They only invited limited users, developers, and Testers. Currently, The existing user can refer to 3 users only.


Do not put the wrong invitation codes in the app. if you put the wrong invitation code in the app your account can be blocked instantly, so use any other secondary google account to use the app. There is a possibility your account can not be recovered in the future.

Some Valid Referral Codes:

Task Mate Referral code 1  M86IZ5 (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 2  HGY23Q (Working)

Task Mate Referral code 3 TIQS71 (Working)

Task Mate Referral code 4 Z7MGR8 (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 5 BH2G5F (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 6 6N71Z3 (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 7 XP39BQ (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 8 Z7MGR8 (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 9 BH2G5F (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 10 LT9R4A (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 11 9FMXW7 (Expired)

Task Mate Referral code 12 4RU78L  Working

Task Mate Referral code 13  58MLH8 Working

I hope you have liked Make Money in the Google Task Mate App article and if you have any questions just left it in the comment box. See you in the next article.


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