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I think everyone here definitely should be GP Muthu’s Fans. In this article we are going to show you thalaivar, Udankudi TikTok GP Muthu Phone Number, Address, WhatsApp Group Link – Bio Data Wiki – Bio Data shortly. Many people are suffering from not knowing Thalaivar GP Muthu phone number and address to send letters and couriers. Before looking at his Phone Number and Address, let’s look at his Bio details in a little more. GP Muthu was born in udankudi, Tuticorin district for Ganesan and his mother’s name is currently not available on 29th March. He studied till 3rd std and so he is not graduate. He has been working carpenter work along with his father Ganesan which is his family’s occupation.

gp muthu phone number and address
Udankudi TikTok GP Muthu Phone Number, Address, WhatsApp Group Link – Bio Data Wiki


Name is GP Muthu

Full Name:

Full Name is Pechumuthu

Popular Name:

Fans Call him like Thalaivar

GP Muthu’s Life and Career Details:

When TikTok is very popular in India at the time GP Muthu had been doing TikTok as he worked as a carpenter along with his dad Ganesan. By the social media platforms, TikTok Gp Muthu becomes the top TikTok celebrity in India, and many people like his comedy sense, the way of speaking. After the TikTok ban in India by Gp Muthu could come out from the daily posting videos on TikTok. So he started a channel on YouTube which is GP Muthu official 900K+ subscribers. (This second channel and Official).

By Paper Id GP Muthu Become Popular In YouTube

GP Muthu become a Popular person on YouTube by paper id who is posted the video by trolling him. Since GP Muthu’s popularity gets peak and he got as many fans as much. Now GP Muthu has been entertaining his fans on YouTube. Specifically, there are many fans to letter reading and Courier comedy.

GP Muthu’s Popular Video’s In YouTube

GP Muthu’s letter reading and Courier comedy are his popular comedy videos and always his fans have been waiting for his letter reading and courier comedy.
He will post videos reading letters and courier unboxing which are sent to him. He will reach 1lakh views within 20 minutes after publishing the videos. GP Muthu will upload at least one video on the youtube channel.

The Persons Name Who are sending mostly the letters and couriers to GP Muthu

  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Paper ID
  • 248

GP Muthu Phone Number and Address

Most GP Muthu’s fans know his address and phone number. The below is GP Muthu’s Full Address.

Thalaivar GP Muthu’s Full Address:

Gp Muthu,
2nd South Street,

Shortly you can send letters and couriers to GP Muthu in the below format.

Gp Muthu (Tiktok),

GP Muthu Phone Number

Couldn’t find GP Muthu’s contact number.


How to send Letters and Parcels To GP Muthu?

GP Muthu has been running two YouTube channels GP Muthu official, GP Express.

GP Muthu Official

GP Express

He will post the videos of reading your letters and unboxing couriers on YouTube.


GP Muthu studied only till 3rd std so he doesn’t know English as well. So write letters in Tamil that he can easily read and understand.

GP Muthu Family Details

GP Muthu’s father’s name is Ganesan and his mother’s name not available due to he didn’t share it on any social media. GP Muthu married and his wife’s name is N/a. They have 2 boys and 2 girl children.

  • Dharshini – Girl
  • Mano – Boy
  • Vishnu – Boy
  • Menu – Girl


  • Black Sheep Digital Awards 2021

TV Shows

One time he entertained people when in participated in Aditya TV Show.

  • Aditya TV Show

Next, see GP Muthu’s Full Bio-Data and Details.

GP Muthu Android Application

Tech Lanzer Groups have developed an android application of GP Muthu Android App that is an entertainment application.

GP Muthu’s Official Social Media Accounts

GP Muthu has been connecting with his fans on popular social media like Instagram and YouTube.

Facebook Profile: gpmuthu24

The Official Facebook Page Of GP Muthu is gpmuthu24.

Instagram ID:


YouTube Channels:

Gpmuthu Official

GP Express

GP Muthu Full Bio Data

GP Muthu lodge google map location.

GP Muthu Android Game Jaaman Shooter

This game has launched just several months back, and the Jarman Shooter game is only available in the google play store now. This game is not available to IOS users currently. We may expect this game going to launch in the App Store soon. If you are IOS So don’t be disappointed. This game has reached 1 lakh installs in the play store. Android users have given overall 4.6 ratings to this game. We can say this rating is very decent for this game.

Leader GP Muthu, who went to Tirupur for business, met his fans there and took the photo’s with him. This is Thalivar’s biggest fan meet-up. Their fans have said that they are very happy to meet GP Muthu today. I hope you guys enjoyed as well of GP Muthu Phone Number And address – Bio-Data and Keep Smile.

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