High CPC Keywords in Germany

Publishers always looking for high cpc from adsense to increase revenue. But adsense only gives high CPC depends on the location, niche, user engagement, keyword and more. Discussing about high CPC keywords in Germany for adsense that will help publishers to improve their earnings from adsense.

Google Adsense is the one of the best way to make money through online in the genuine manner. Not only that is highest paid monitize program platform in the world. Content creators & publishers those running sites, YouTube channels can enter adsense programs, perhaps that met the criteria and adsense policy guidelines.

Moreover, Germany is the one of the country that gets high CPC from adsense after USA, UK, Australia, Canada and some few countries.

Most of the adsene program partners gets high CPC on insurance, law firm, technology and online education.

If you targeting keywords in those keywords, specifically insurance and law firm can get high CPC range between $3.30 – $1.20 (Approximately).

In addition, below are the top 10 high cpc keywords in canada.

AdSense High CPC Keywords in Germany

CPC KeywordValue in USD, 2021
Marketing & advertising$2.70
Online Banking$2.20
Internet, & Telecom$2.05
Online Education$1.75
Online Stock Trading$1.68
Automobile dealership$1.47

Lastly, don’t target keywords which has High CPC beyond your niche. Be passion on your niche and interest, certainly you will get high CPC.

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