Massive Tips to Increase Followers on Instagram

Engaging on Instagram is so important if you want to increase Instagram followers. But a lot of people do not do it or they do not know how to. So let me tell you exactly how to do it. First of all.

increase instagram followers
Increase Instagram Followers

1. Respond to All Comments

When someone has taken time to comment on your post, your number one priority should be to comment back. When you post and you get a comment like as soon as you post and you can not comment back straight away you are probably posting at the wrong time so make sure you are posting when you can respond to comments straight away. Also, when you reply, try to reply with a meaningful, thoughtful sentence and get a conversation going. Sometimes an emoji or a short appreciation text is great but the more you can have a proper sentence, Instagram would see the post as valuable and therefore push your content to more people. If someone asks you a question, make sure you answer it because if you do not, they would probably never comment again and you’ve just lost an audience. Don’t be entitled and don’t expect to get comments from everyone every time you post. Every single comment you get, be grateful for it and make that person feel like it was worth their time. After all, you are taking away their precious time. In reality, it is just such an easy way to get engagement. 

You are doubling the comments and it leads to engagement. When you get engagement on a post, it’s an opportunity to get more people to see your post. It’s boosting it and when it gets boosted, Instagram tends to show it to more people. Therefore, you have an opportunity to grow.

Why not take advantage of that?

Sometimes your followers will see your posts a few days later and it’s hard to keep up with notifications so make sure to check your recent posts like every single day, go to recent comments and make sure you reply to them too. 

2. Respond to All Direct Messages

Direct Message, is where you get a conversation going and that’s where you make a connection and build a relationship. DMs are where people are the most vulnerable and share things with you. You should respect that and show them that respect back. The more you engage with someone in DMs, you will see more of their content because you are more close relationship-wise and they will see more of your content too. Instagram likes it when you engage with people so the more you engage, Instagram rewards you and they will push your content out more. Do these a lot and one of them is to send a message to new followers. It makes good relationships and connections between your fans or followers.

3. Spam Likes

Some people spam-like, they will like your pictures all in one go but they have not been following you and they haven’t followed you when they liked your content. In that case, they probably found you through hashtags or the explore page. Sometimes from other people’s comment sections or stories. It means that you are reaching new people and that is a good thing. But, if they do not follow you, they are probably waiting for you to follow them or just like back. They kind of leave their impression so that you would check them out. If you want to, check them out and follow them or like if you are interested in their content. If not, just leave it. 

4. No Comments From Followers

Now, if they are your followers and they like your content but don’t comment, there are a couple of reasons. 

  1. First, they probably double-tapped without thinking or looking at the content. It’s out of courtesy or routine and maybe they want a like back from you. Do not feel obligated to like back, only like back if you like their content. 
  2. Second, they do not have time to comment but they want to support you by liking your posts, which is always nice. But again, don’t feel obligated to do the same. 
  3. Third, your content did not grab their attention or move them enough to comment. Maybe the picture or video was grainy. Maybe your hook, the first line wasn’t catchy enough. Maybe your captions were not long enough and you did not explain what was going on. Maybe you did not have a CTA, a call to action. Always try to have a call to action, not the same type each time, and think, what value does the post have? ask yourself, what sort of comment are you looking for? It may sound weird but if you know exactly what you want, you kind of get it. 

You also have to understand that everyone uses Instagram differently. You may be an aspiring makeup artist, a skincare reviewer, you might want to be recognized by brands, maybe you want PR, maybe brand deals but some people just want to share things and look at things on Instagram. You might be more serious about Instagram than other people. Some people are just quiet on Instagram. You could be active and be on Instagram every day but some people don’t open the app every day. You could be engaging a lot but some people use Instagram casually, some don’t have as much time as you but they still want to follow you and engage on their timing so let them breathe. 

You should like the content when you like something, really mean what you say when you comment. Supporting someone and getting support is nice, but it should always be organic and genuine, because you want to and not because they did it for you. Please remember that.

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