The Mind-Blowing Free Instagram Analytics Tools That You Need

What’s going on. It’s Admin here from Mate Walk, and in today’s article, we’re highlighting seven completely free Instagram analytics tools that you need to be using to up your Instagram game and grow far faster. You’re gonna wanna stick around for all seven because each of them has unique features that make them awesome. So let’s get right into it. 

instagram analytics tools

Top 5+ Free Instagrm Analytics Tools

1. Open Benchmarks

Of course, we have to start with Open Benchmarks, So what Open Benchmarks does, its source a ton of information from accounts all over Instagram, to give you a way better idea as to how your account is performing compared to other accounts across Instagram. Open Benchmark provides a ton of specific details as to how other accounts are getting to where they are in terms of follower growth, engagement rate, and so many other things to help you not only see how you’re performing but also outline growth opportunities. So up until now, it’s been nearly impossible to get a good idea as to how your account stacks up to the other accounts on Instagram and how you’re performing. Open Benchmarks allows you to get all this information and get away a better idea of all this, which is extremely valuable. With Open Benchmarks, you can break down your account’s performance from follower growth rate to conversion rate, to reach and impressions, engagement rate, and plenty more to give you as many tools as possible to see how you can improve. So with the tool, you’ll receive real, reliable, and completely free analytics that can help you shape your strategy. If you wanna check it out, it’s linked down below.

2. Instagram Insights (App)

The next free tool we’re gonna highlight is Instagram’s Insights. So this is the tool that they give to you right on the app. Our biggest issue with it is that it’s not super consumer-friendly to navigate through. Plus you can only actually access it from the app on your mobile device, meaning you cannot use it on your desktop. So some of the resources that this tool provides are the metrics of demographics, profile views, engagement rates, and reach, as well as which pieces of content on your Instagram performed the best. Plus they recently rolled out IGTV and story analytics to give you, even more, to work with. So Instagram analytics provides a solid top-level view of what’s going on with your account. And it’s all accessible within the app, which is also nice.

3. Creator Studio

The next tool we’re gonna cover is another one provided directly from Instagram and its Creator Studio. So since Facebook and Instagram are the same things, Creator Studio allows you to look at both Facebook page insights, as well as Instagram page insights, all from one source. You can also access this information from your desktop. So if you don’t wanna use Instagram Insights from your phone on the app, you can use this tool, which is still from Instagram/Facebook to use from your desktop. Another nice part of Creator Studio is that you can track your analytics from a seven to 30-day window, and you can use this longer period to gauge your engagement and conversion rate on Instagram. One more bonus to Creator Studio, if you’re a member of Brand Collabs Manager, you’ll be able to track your metrics with your brand collaboration, right through Creator Studio.

4. Iconosquare

The next tool we’re gonna cover is Iconosquare. Iconosquare is a helpful Instagram tool that not only allows you to schedule content beforehand but also tracks your analytics for your account and the analytics report tracks your engagement, impressions, reaches and breaks down how your Instagram stories are performing. And if you want an audit of your entire Instagram account, you can connect your account to Iconosquare for free, and they will send you a detailed audit as to how your account is performing as well as some areas and opportunities to improve.

5. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is the next tool. With Squarelovin’s free Instagram analytics tool. It provides you with an analysis of how your account is progressing for over a year. You can also obtain monthly reports or an entire breakdown of your posts by month, by day, or even by the hour. You’ll also be able to gauge what your follower’s interests are as well as how to drive further engagement to your posts. And you can even discover when the best time to post is specific to your account based on when your followers are online and active on Instagram. 

6. Pixlee

The next tool is Pixlee, and it’s a super powerful tool if you’re looking to determine either yours or someone else’s exact engagement rate on Instagram. Pixlee offers a free engagement rate calculator for you to use. So if you’re working with a brand and they need to know that exact information, or if it’s the other way around, and you’re looking to work with an influencer, you can put the handle into this tool and they will give you a detailed breakdown of their engagement rate. It’s both easy and free to do things that we like. We interrupt these awesome free tools for a very quick message. If you’re discovering some new tools that may help you. That’s your goal.

7. Keyhole

The seventh tool is Keyhole. With Keyhole you can measure your campaigns and their impact using their Instagram analytics tool. While they don’t have a free-for-life option, they do have a seven-day trial, which allows you to do a lot. It’ll allow you to track your Instagram campaigns through hashtag usage, measure your content creators’ ROI, and even create detailed reports that are client-ready, which can help you save a ton of time if you’re trying to source this information on your own. So those are our favorite free Instagram analytics tools, but I would love to hear from you, which one is your favorite of the seven. If we missed any of your favorite tools, let us know in the comment section down below.  I’ll see you in the next article and keep crushing it on Instagram. Peace. 

I hope you loved free instagram analytics tools and boost your instagram gorwth using this free instagram analytics tools.

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