iSpoofer for PoGO IOS IPA

Looking to download & know spoofing application the Ispoofer for pogo ios. The Ispoofer is the right GPS spoofing app for the pokemon go game.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you would be playing the pokemon go game. Pokemon Go is a cool game to play. It is available on iOS and android operating systems. When it was released on the app stores, that was talked about more than other games. Because it is an augmented reality game. This game evolved as a competitive game for the gaming market.

ispoofer for pogo
iSpoofer for POGO

Pokemon Go players should teleport the location to catch the pokemon. It was awful to all the pokemon players. After, To resolve this problem, many apps had been released on the market. Initially, GPS spoofing applications were popular with pokemon go. But, the pokemon go app does not allow players to use GPS spoofing techniques to play the game. So, the pokemon go account ban rate was too much. So, a lot of players avoided the GPS spoofing apps to play the pokemon go game.

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Most players used fly GPS spoofing to play the game to teleport. The Fly GPS spoofing and other spoofing applications are not giving assurance over the account safe.

So, the issue occurred that were accounts getting banned using the GPS spoofing method.

Now, most pokemon players have been searching for the safest location spoofing apps for the iOS platform. Likely, the Ispoofer GPS location spoofing application is the solution that has less pokemon go account ban rate than other apps. So, using the Ispoofer app to play pokemon go, game players, have not faced any problems much, also the accounts are not banned much.

Is Ispoofer better than Pokemon Go ++?

Before discussing that, the pokemon go++ is the hack version of the official pokemon go app. Using the pokemon go++ application players there are a lot of advantages like inbuilt teleport options, auto walking, joystick, etc. Even though, the pokemon go++ developer has stopped the game update after the new iOS version comes. So the pokemon go ++ is not available to play anymore. So, the players moved to the over-spoofing applications. The spoofing application is only available for the iOS platform. So, IOS users can Install that app easily.

Be in mind: the Ispoofer app is not required jailbreak (rooting) to Install on your iOS device.

Ispoofer Application Full Details

Version2.2.8 (1.189.0 / 0.223.0)
File TypeIPA
Size106 MB
UpdatedNov 2021

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Features and Advantages of Ispoofer for Pokemon GO

The Ispoofer of the free version has fewer features. To unlock all the features need to upgrade to the premium version. The features available in the free version are enough.


Is Ispoofer available for android?

Unfortunately, the spoofer is not available for android. It is only for the iOS platform.

Is Ispoofer shutting down?

To the information gathered from the internet, the Ispoofer app has been shutting down. Also, its official website is not working.

What is he official site of Ispoofer?

Official Website:

Mobile web page:

PC web page:

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