New Offer: Pgsharp 5 Dollar Monthly Reduced to 3 Dollar

PGSharp is the official application of niantic, inc. it is only available for android devices. In the pandemic situation, the pokemon go game falls due to no teleport to catch pokemon. To resolve this problem Niantic, inc released official spoofing app which is called pgsharp.

Using this application pokemon go users can spoof the location easily. So, the users can catch the pokemons as sitting in the home.

There is features like autowalk, joystick and enhanced edition. Though, there is two editions free version and standard edition.

PGSharp Standard Edition Plan

pgsharp standard edition
PGSharp Standard Edition

The standard edition is 5 USD per month. It has unlocked features of the free version.

Users hesitate to buy the premium version of the app for the 5 USD for a month. Recently, pgsharp reduced the 5 Dollar USD to 3 for the occasion.

So, if you purchase the app, the activation key will be provided for the premium users. So, the users can unlock all the features by using the pgsharp activation key.

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