PGSharp Premium Overview

PGSharp is the official app to spoof location from anywhere. You can easily teleport the location using the pgsharp pgsharp joystick. Not only that, there are many facilities and functionalities are available in the pgsharp application.

PGSharp Premium

Cost is High

Most of the pokemon go users would be used the free version of the pgsharp. But, there are only limited features on pgsharp free version.

The premium version of the pgsharp offers users to get all the features of the pgsharp. (2 Phones, All Free Features, All Coordinates Feed, Quick Catch, Skip, Animations, Block Non-Shiny, Auto Transfer On Catch )

The premium version of the pgsharp offers all features for $5 per month. For the gamers it is not affordable. Although, it is great price to get the pgsharp VIP.

What is PGSharp Activation Key

PGSharp key is needed to unlock premium features of the pgsharp. If you are lucky, you can get one pgsharp key generator.

How to activate PGSharp VIP Key

Once you purchased the pgsharp activation key from the pgsharp official site. You have to enter the key in the installed pgsharp application on your mobile. The VIP features will be activated after the pgsharp valid key entered.

How long the Key will be working?

Depends on the purchasing term the pgsharp key works. Usually, the pgsharp key term is monthly/quarterly.

What you should do once pgsharp key term is expired?

Once the premium VIP Key term is expired, easily you can get new the pgsharp key. If you are die hard fan of pokemon go app, purchasing the quarterly plan is great.

Is PGSharp Safe to Use?

PGSharp is protected to download and utilize. In any case, there might be a couple of issues that you could confront assuming you use PGSharp to parody your area. The purpose for this is that Niantic, the engineer of the game Pokémon GO, is extremely specific about giving a fair gaming experience to all players all over the planet. What’s more, on the off chance that it finds you utilizing a spoofer application, it might restrict your record from the application.

To tackle this issue, PGSharp demands that clients make a phony Pokémon Trainer Club (PTC) account while wanting to parody their area. Along these lines, regardless of whether clients get restricted, their essential PTC account isn’t impacted. The application likewise proposes that clients shouldn’t change their area on the guide too regularly to try not to get on the radar of Niantic designers.

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