15+ Productivity Google Chrome Extensions To Enhance Browsing Experience

The internet has come a long way since its inception in the early 1980s. It bridged the gaps caused by geographical location and brought people together. For laymen, accessing the internet was made possible with the help of web browsers. Microsoft had been dominating the Web Browser space since 1995, with their Internet Explorer.

But soon enough, other tech giants like Google and Mozilla entered the arena with their web browsers, and thus began the decline of Internet Explorer, resulting in its discontinuation recently. This also brought about the rise of Google Chrome, which right now boasts a 65% share in the Browser Market. It is our primary Web Browser, and probably yours too and in this article, we will go over some awesome Productivity Google Chrome extensions that’s all enhance your Browsing Experience. So, without any further hindrances, let us dive straight in.

productivity google chrome extensions
Productivity Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome is the most used web browser. The Chrome web store has tens of thousands of Chrome extensions and add-ons. However, here are our top picks. There’s something for everyone, from a password manager to screen recording. Because all of these extensions are free, there’s no excuse not to try them out. 

Best useful Productivity Google Chrome Extensions

1. Turn Off The Lights

Turn Off the Light, which serves a simple purpose. It dims the surrounding areas when you have a video player playing a video on your browser. It supports many major streaming and OTT platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, to name a few. Using it is quite simple, one just has to click on the extension as and when they have the video up and running, and you get to enjoy a cinematic viewing experience. Once you are done, just click on the extension again and it will reset the brightness to normal. The extension is open source and has tons of other features packed in like Atmosphere Lighting and Background Images, which will for sure enhance your viewing experience. 

2. I Don’t Care About Cookies

Always Since the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as the GDPR, which requires the companies to obtain the customer’s consent while collecting and storing their data came into effect in 2018, people across the globe have been bombarded with Accept the use of cookies warnings whenever they visit any website. This is exactly what the “I don’t care About Cookies” extension aims to solve. This extension, once activated, allows the user to bypass all the pesky cookie warnings across websites without having to respond to them. However, if the user wishes to not apply the extension to any website, they can whitelist the domain in the settings. 

3. Mercury Reader

Next up on the list, we have Mercury Reader, by Post Light, and this extension aims to remove the clutter from the content that you want to read. It removes all the ads and other unwanted entities from your articles, and aesthetically presents the text and images in an easy-to-read view, making your reading experience clean. It also allows for the user to adjust the font and its size as per their liking, and also lets them toggle between light and dark modes. The user also has an option to send the formatted article to their Kindle devices, with a single click. So if you are someone who despises those ad-ridden articles, this extension is for you.

4. TuneYou Radio

At number four, we have TuneYou Radio, which lets you listen to thousands of radio stations across the world. You can search for stations based on the country where it’s present, based on the genre of the content, or you could just look up the name of the station if you have that handy. Starting it up is easy and requires you to just click on the extension, after which a new window pops up with the graphical interface, which lets you search for the radio station of your choice. You also can save your favorite stations for later if you register and create an account. 

5. WhatFont

Have you ever been to a website, seen an article in a beautiful font, and have wanted to know what that font was? This is exactly what WhatFont aims to solve. It tells the user what the name of the font is, just by hovering over the text. You can also know more about the font, like the family, style, weight, size, and color, by just clicking on the text. Once you’re done noting down the font and its details, just click on the extension again and the cursor goes back to normal. 

6. Noisli

Noisli, which lets you choose from dozens of different background noises to help focus and mask any external sounds that are preventing you from giving it your everything at the task at hand. The extension does require you to create a new account, and this is exactly where Guerilla mail comes in handy, which you can learn more about in the video that’ll pop up on the right side of your screen right now. Once you’ve created the account, you can choose from various ambient noises like rain, wind, bonfire, and train, and let it play in the background. There is a pro version available that unlocks a lot of features, but the free version is quite good too. 

7. Angry Study

Sticking to the theme of productivity extensions, the last one we’ve got on the list is very funny. Angry Study Helper is an extension that prevents you from opening any new tabs while working, making sure that you’re not distracted. How do they do that, you ask? Whenever you open a new tab, this video pops up. So, whenever you’re sitting down to study or work, turn this extension on and it’ll take care of you not getting distracted. And that brings us to the end of our list. The links to all the extensions that we’ve featured in the video will be available in the description below. Do let us know which extension you liked the most in the comments below, and subscribe to the channel if you’re into content like this. Until next time, peace out.

8. Ghostery

If you’re looking for a simple ad blocker that prevents trackers and makes your web pages load quicker then Ghostery is for you. To further safeguard your privacy, there is built-in “Enhanced Anti Tracking” that anonymizes your data. Ghostery gives you details about what’s going on in the background and disables scripts, objects, and even whole pictures to safeguard your privacy. It is available in nearly every browser, as well as mobile apps.

9. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

This is one of the best screen capture tools available, and it is built directly into Chrome. This is a fantastic option for anyone, who wants to capture the contents of web pages, without using a separate application. You may also record your desktop, a browser tab, or the webcam. You may then add narration at the top of the video. This is a really useful and helpful add-on. 

10. HTTPS Everywhere

Cybersecurity is highly essential nowadays. “HTTPS” is a website protocol that validates whether or not a website is secure. This add-on will rewrite the request you send to each webpage you visit, ensuring that your browser shows the secure version of the website. Browse with confidence, knowing that your personal information is safe and that your computer is not infected with malware while you are online.

11. Image Downloader

This is superb extension, Image Downloader, which allows you to download photos in bulk from any website including Instagram. Before the download begins, it will display all the images on the page and allowed you to pick the ones you want. 

12. Pericles: Text To Speech

If you are an internet enthusiast, spend a lot of time reading on the internet, Pericles text to speech is the best Chrome extension that may help you work more efficiently. To improve your multitasking abilities, any text-based webpage may be converted to audio, allowing you to listen while continuing to work. This is the best and most user-friendly text-to-speech reader on the market.

13. Picture-in-Picture Extension

This one is from Google, and if you are enjoy watching YouTube videos while working, this addon is fantastic, it also works amazingly with other websites. When you click the button, the video you’re viewing shrinks to a tiny window that you may move and resize while doing other things in the browser, or gaming. The player will always be on top of any apps. However, keep the original video tab open to prevent the stream from closing. 

14. LastPass

LastPass is a free password manager. It is compatible with all operating systems, mobile devices, and online browsers. It can also import passwords saved in other apps. There is no limit on the number of passwords that may be kept and synced, even in the free version. LastPass is a password manager that auto-fills passwords for all accounts that have been stored using this plugin. You just need to remember one password: your master password for LastPass. This saves you time and hassles while also enhancing the security of your critical data.

15. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is a Mozilla app, that allows you to read online material like articles, videos you find for later offline usage. Simply sign up for an account and begin saving content to your pocket using the Save to Pocket extension. One-click will Pocket all the material, so you can view it at any time, even when you are not connected to the internet on all of your devices. Pocket includes apps and add-ons for everything, and you can save the video in addition to text.

How to install google chrome extensions

install google chrome extensions

All these Productivity Google Chrome extensions will enhance the browsing with ease.

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