12+ Methods to Promoting Blog and Website

You are writing a blog, but you know what no one is going to read it unless and until you know how to properly promote your content before and after you have written your blog. Today’s article going to show you 13 clever strategies to promoting blog and website and generate thousands of traffic for it. So, without further ado let’s dive straight into it. There are many approaches to promoting blog and website, let’s see each.

promoting blog and website for free to increase traffic
Promoting Blog and Website For Free to Increase Traffic

Approaches to Promoting Blog and Website

1. Write Articles That Stand Out

The first thing that makes a blog easier to promote is to Write Articles that stand out from others: Assess the type of content your competitors have before you write your blog. You can use Semrush, Ahrefs, or any other keyword research tool that does the job. All you have to do is to Type in your competitors’ websites and look for their top pages and the type of content. Write your article in a way that amazes people. This way your article gets more attention and stands out from those of your competitors.

2. Write Every Blog for link building

Once you have written an article better than your competitors, you can head over to buzz sumo, type in your competitor’s web address, and look for their top social shares for that article for which you have already written a better version. Email all those people or websites who shared your competitors’ articles, but simply ask them that you have better, detailed, and up-to-date content and would they like to share it. Keep your conversation personal and casual. This way your blog acts as a resource for link building. Of Course, not all of them would be sharing your content. But you know what, a couple of shares is a good headstart for you.

3. Build an email list

One of the most important yet underrated approaches to promote your blog is to build an email list. Just offer a lead magnet that is highly relevant to your article. You can create a pdf resource, step-by-step guide, or even an audio file of your blog. Moreover, you can leverage quizzes, exit-intent popups, and mini tools for email collection. For more insights on how to build your email list fast and free.

4. Share and Pre-share on Social Media

Once you have an email list you can promote your articles by sharing them with your subscribers whenever you write a new article. Just send them a personalized email asking them to check your new blog in which you have written A, B, and C and how it may be helpful to them. Another way to promote your upcoming article is to send shout-outs,  emails to your subscribers about your upcoming blog. Mention what it would be about and why it is going to be a problem solver power post. This way you get the attention of your subscribers and pave a way for blog promotion before it’s even out there.

5. Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way to promote your blog and bring hundreds of traffic to it but it’s not that helpful if you only write an article on someone else’s blog.

6. Leverage social media

The next strategy which has for you is to Leverage social media for blog promotion Everyone knows that leveraging social media brings traffic but the question is how do you leverage it? Make short videos that are about your upcoming blog and build curiosity around it. Give teasers that why should your audience wait for it, what it covers, and how it can be helpful to your audience. Upload these short videos on Instagram or Facebook regularly and build that attention. This way you grab the attention of the curious commenters and pave a way for new readers straight to your blog. Plus you get a new stream of followers on social media.

7. Pinterest

The next on social media is Pinterest. Pinterest is more than just a social channel and works more like a visual search engine. It’s a gold mine for getting thousands of visitors to your blog. Create a business account and create content-specific boards. This means that if you have blogs on email marketing, link building, and SEO optimization then there would be 3 different boards relevant to each one of your blogs. Don’t forget to SEO optimize the title and description of your pin and add a link to your blog in the description.

8. Linkedin

Whenever you write a blog you can always share it on LinkedIn but a clever way to do it is to put it on LinkedIn but only put the first few paragraphs on it and then give a link below to your blog. This way you give a teaser of your blog on LinkedIn and people would be clicking to know more and would land up straight on your blog. Once you make your presence on social media, commit to your followers and build up a community. Where people share their problems related to your niche and you give helpful answers. This way you are continuously getting insights into the problems people face in your niche and you can create new content based on those problems. This way your upcoming blog gets a ton of traffic from your community.

9. Form a blog partnership

Form a Blog Partnership or more of a friendship with other bloggers in your niche who are more or less at the same level as you are. Just reach out to them by sending a personalized email and ask them if they can hop in for a chat or call to discuss new ideas, tips, link-building strategies, social media promotion, and other tactics around your niche. This way you set away for inspiration and encouragement for yourself and your blog partners.

10. A problem fixer-commentator

Reply to every comment on your blog. Just give helpful advice and comments. This way your readers know that you truly care about them. Secondly, Answer questions on quora. Just search for the query that relates to your blog. Give a helpful answer and leave a link to your blog where it’s relevant and necessary. Third, You can also comment on your competitor’s blog and mention what they are missing and what additional points your blog covers, and maybe your competitor links to your blog too. This way your blog gets more attention which means more views. 

11. Blog Design

Of Course, great content alone makes a blog successful over time but let me assure you that a blog design seriously helps or hurts the level of promotion of a blog. Blog Appearances plays a major role as it influences the first impression of your blog and opinions are formed in seconds. So, to increase the chance of your blog promotion, its readability and design choose colors, font, and themes that make a blog stands out from others. 

12. Reshare your old content

If your old content is not getting enough traffic, you can always reshare and promote it on social media. You can create evergreen content in the first place. But don’t worry if the title or blog contains old dates and figures. You can easily reconstruct your titles and share them on social media to get tons of traffic to your old blogs. 

Which strategy from today’s article are you going to try first are you going to write articles that stand out from others or are you going to write each article for link building?. Promoting blog and website can increase a lot of traffic from the different sources.

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