PVS Gaming Phone Number, Contact Number, WhatsApp Number

PVS gaming is the Tamil gaming youtube channel with 2.5M+ subscribers.  Wondering to know PVS gaming phone number and address, every PVS gaming subscriber knows his phone number. PVS gaming is the best top Tamil gaming youtube channel. Mostly, he uploads free fire gameplay videos.

PVS gaming phone number
PVS Gaming Phone Number

PVS Gaming Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact Number, and Address

Ultimately, Tamil gaming YouTuber PVS gaming revealed his phone number in a YouTube video, which likely is +91 90475 05861.

PVS gaming address is:
Dr . Hari Raman MBBS,
Villupuram, 636105,
Tamil Nadu.

Who is PVS gaming?

PVS gaming is a popular South Indian youtube channel, who one predominantly streams the battleground game free fire 🔥 videos on the youtube platform. If you are a south Indian free player, definitely would be known as well.

The PVS Gaming channel has 2.0+ million subscribers. Hari Raman is the man behind the PVS gaming. He has completed his MBBS degree along with running this gaming channel.

PVS gaming was born in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu, and he created a YouTube channel while studying the MBBS course. Also, he has been uploading videos like vlogs, and events, and streaming the free fire regularly on youtube.

Likely, he was the gaming enthusiastic person from childhood on play station, and PC. So, he decided to knowledge people about gaming tips, tricks, and where to play games online. In that way, the PVS gaming came. Now it has over 2.0+ million subscribers from all over the world on youtube.

PVS gaming is the top gaming youtube channel in Tamil Nadu.

What is PVS Gaming Free Fire ID?

PVS Gaming’s free fire id is 63725581.

What is the original name of the PVS Gaming?

Hari Raman is the person who is behind the PVS gaming channel.

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