The Most Played Board Games During Lockdown

ludo tips
Ludo Tips

Lockdowns are a terrible bore for those who like to stay indoors and those who love to spend their time roaming out. It is hell for people who want to spend time in solitude as the house is crammed with people, and for the rest, it is just a dull time staring at walls or consuming television.

This last lockdown board game became the talk of the town as the most downloaded app on Android and iOS online stores. The return to the roots of gaming was at the turn of the century when Ludo emerged as the top gaming app of 2021. Countless ludo tips and ways to win the game articles were also circulated online so that players who are complete novices could improve their game. 

Check out this list of the top online games played during the lockdown that saved the general populace from being bored inside their houses.

Ticket to Ride

This game tops the list as it is exactly like the popular Monopoly in gameplay, and you have only to use train cards to connect cities. Each player is provided four cards to begin their game, and you have to draw train car cards, decide a route for your game, and keep drawing tickets for new destinations. The winner is the one with the highest score at the end of the game, and the game ends when all players run out of tokens to place on the board. 

The site reads that the game takes only a minute to learn and a lifetime to master, and it is indeed so as it has a unique setup that makes you think of your decision at every turn. Therefore, it is best to go through the rules first and add to your knowledge of the game before committing to a match against opponents. In addition, the gameplay is highly addictive, so you should be mindful not to spend long hours on the app. 

MPL Ludo Win

MPL Ludo Win is the top-rated Ludo app in the online market. MPL has the best version of Ludo, and players on this app have reviewed it positively. The Ludo game on MPL is amazingly similar to the actual game, and you get to see intuitive controls and great animations for the gaming board, tokens, and dice display. 

To learn this game, you can play countless practice sessions and then go up against professional players to win rewards and prizes that this Ludo-playing platform generously offers. On this app, players enjoy time-based matches, so you don’t have to invest too much of your time in a single session. You get to play only limited moves, and your winning is based on the highest that you can score. You can also read articles on Ludo tips to gain more accurate knowledge and have the edge over amateur players you might encounter online during one of your 1V1 matches. 


Codenames is a board game that you will find similarities with many other word-based games you have seen before. The game is based on particular phrasing and is stylistically similar to Taboo and Minesweeper, which are famous in their separate segments. 

The game was introduced back in 2015, and you could understand that it is similar to scrabble as here you have to guess popular phrases and uncover them from hidden clues. There is a clue giver that provides one-word hints, so you must follow accordingly to understand where the hints are leading up. 

The best feature of the game is simplicity, so it does not push so much stress on the person when they are playing and therefore stands as the perfect game to play during free pastime. Furthermore, the gameplay is based on complete guesswork and fun, making it ideal to be best enjoyed with close friends.


You cannot talk about board games and miss out on the most significant board game phenomenon, which is Catan. This game is hugely popular on the internet and widely merchandised worldwide. The game has existed for over 25 years in the classic board game universe and has only recently been inducted into the realm of online games. The game was earlier called Settlers of Catan, and the player’s objective is to try and settle on the island of Catan and become its ruler to win the game. As a player, you can challenge others to a straight duel, and you can get lots of free practice with the inbuilt AI that lets you master your skills before going up against real players. 

Pliers are often intimidated by the rule book that comes with Catan, as it has a lot of regulations explaining the rules to play the game. But do not be overwhelmed as the methods are pretty basic, and you will be able to perform exceptionally well after playing the game a few rounds by yourself. This one’s definitely for the lockdown as it gives the gamer the thrill of victory and conquest like no other. 

In Conclusion

Board games are special to everyone and play an integral role in shaping everybody’s childhood. The fact that you can enjoy these games on the digital screen is a blessing as it eliminates the hassle of taking gaming accessories everywhere. These games are wonderfully designed and offer the best experience to the player in terms of playability and connection making. During periods of boredom in COVID, these are the ones that recorded the most traffic and became the top entertaining board games on the internet.

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