Genuine Ways to Generate Traffic for Website or Blog in 2022

Bloggers always have trouble getting traffic to their websites or blogs or web apps. So many peoples also have been following the wrong ays to generate traffic to their websites. If the blogger does SEO correctly to the site is enough, can get organic traffic from search engines directly. So not only doing SEO, the site’s content should be unique and high quality. There are two types of SEO black hat SEO and white hat SEO. The bloggers should avid to use black hat SEO techniques in their site. If Google or any search engine finds, the site has been using the black hat SEO techniques to rank on search engines. Then google will instantly add the list to the spam list or bock the site on the search engine.

traffic for website
Traffic For Website

Always try to avoid cloaking, doorway pages, and keyword stuffing techniques to generate traffic, and it is also not good. Most bloggers use the keyword stuffing technique in their posts to rank on top of the search engine. Keyword stuffing is defined as writing articles by stuffing more keywords related to the content without adding any original value. Even it is working fine, If google detects the site using keyword stuffing, that site will be in the spam list. So in this article let us see how to generate traffic to your website in the right manner without violating the search engine guidelines. So let us dive into the topic.

1. Ranking the Post On Search Engine

Ranking the site post on the search engine is not hard to do until you know SEO. Learning What is SEO, and how to implement SEO on the blog or post to rank on search engines, will be helpful in increasing traffic.

How to rank site post on google

If the site has good quality and unique content, submit the sitemap on the different search engines. Here talking about Google search engines, so have to submit the sitemap on the google search console. The google search engine bots will crawl all the posts from the sitemap that was submitted earlier, then it will index the posts on google if the URL met the search engine guidelines. Also can manually index posts using the google search inspection tool that is the easy and fast way to index posts on google.

Once the post is indexed on google, can not get traffic from search engines as organic search. The golden tip is, add keywords to your post and highlight the keywords bolding. Also, don’t forget to add keywords to the post description.

Next, see most beginner bloggers’ mistake which is targeting high competency keywords like make money, free, download, and choosing low tail keywords. Every blogger should start with low competency keywords, and choosing the long-tail keywords is best to practice. Certainly, see the result as expected. Once you see the growth on the search engine of organic traffic and then choose the niche keyword of the site that you want to write.

Generating organic traffic is the best and genuine way, also google will know the site has good authority and valuable original content.

2. Sharing on social media

The social media traffic is not bad until not spamming and publishing irrelevant posts. The social media traffic is the top way to produce traffic to the site. Sharing posts with people, friends, groups, and pages can get more traffic.

Which platform is best to get more social media traffic?

Undoubtedly, quora places the first position on the list. Yes, Quora is a questionable forum site. People can ask questions, and the quora user will answer related questions. So just answer the questions that match the site niche by embedding the link of the post. Whenever the users see that question, there is a chance to view your answer and could click the embedded link. Quora is the right platform to get social media traffic, so constantly be active on quora until getting more search clicks.

Sharing on social media Pages and Groups

Building pages and groups that have more followers or members, will be helpful to get more traffic. Ever you thought about news sites, there are many news websites on the web. For example, just take film-related news sites, they can only generate traffic to their site through the pages only. So the news websites moderators would have the pages or groups on any one of the social media platforms. Now start to create pages, groups on social media platforms on the same niche of the site.

3. Telegram

Telegram is a great application to make traffic and also it is easy. Starting a channel or group in a telegram is not difficult, within a minute can create. The only work is in it gathering members or subscribers to the channel. To do that let’s know the telegram users by sharing the channel in another channel or group. Asking the other telegram channel admin to promote your channel can gain subscribers.

4. Promoting

Promoting the site on search engines or social media will help to reach the site among people very quickly. But it will take a lot of money if the site is business-oriented, promoting is recommended.

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