Essay: Use Social Media in a Good Way to Get Success in 2022

Social Media are the right platform to communicate, expose skills, talents, speak opinions, discover jobs, develop business, etc. So for various purposes has been used by the people. Now all, even ten years old kids have an account on different social media. Utilizing social media in the right way can get success in life. Many people have got jobs on being active in the jobs sites. Some have reached the growth of the business. Without social media, many things wouldn’t happen, like communication with long-distance range people and more. So this article will help a lot to know how to use social media for this purpose in a beneficial manner. Let’s begin the essay on how to use social media in a good way.

use social media in a good way
Use Social Media In a Good Way

The essay on how to use social media in a good way

1. Linked In

Linked is the play to communicate with entrepreneurs, billionaires, influencers, CEOs, HR’s, and officers. Also, many university and college students have been creating profiles on social media. So setting up a great profile on the account could get a chance of multiple job offers from the linked HR’s. Many popular IT and silicon valley companies have been posting on LinkedIn regarding job interviews and offers. So be active on LinkedIn to get great job offers.

Here are some additional tips to get into LinkedIn.

1. Log in to LinkedIn or signup you don’t have an account (using the google sign up is the best way)

2. Add the best and genuine profile picture of you, and it will help the recruiter how you are by the profile picture. It lets you know others like your friends, people, and recruiters.

3. Add the frame like “Open to jobs”, if searching for the job just add the open to the job frame on the profile picture. The recruiter lets know this profile user has been searching for a specific job, then the recruiter tends to contact you either by email or message.

4. Built a resume and attach it on the linked-in. There are many resume builders available online to build resumes in the many templates. When building resumes, try to describe all the career detail on them to get a great career.

5. Once successfully built the resume attach it to the linked in profile, the LinkedIn recruiter if intertest on the profile, first will see the resume of the profile. Later the recruiter liked the resume or the resume is alike they want, definitely will contact you by the given contact number or the email address of the resume.

6. Connect the more people on LinkedIn, so try to connect more profiles and linked members with LinkedIn. It will help you reach more people on linked in and also can get more views.

7. Not posting on LinkedIn, here most of the people’s making mistakes. So try to post some on LinkedIn frequently, if you are lucky there is the chance to respond to more LinkedIn users, even big social influencers like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook founders, and more.

8. Commenting on the other posts, it’s usual majority linked users if they got the job offer on the big companies, they will post it on linked in of the success. So, comments on other people’s success. By approaching about their offer, it lets know you on more peoples. Also can get great connections from the posted person, if that person saw the comment of you.

9. Describe your profile shortly on the profile description, when the recruiter searches the specif skills on the linked in, it will try to fetch all the profiles that match the skills on the description.

10. Add and attach the previous projects on LinkedIn. If you have done any projects, just add the project information and live demo link (If that is a web-related project). The recruiter will see the projects, what the profile member has done so far.

So be active on LinkedIn if you are searching for a job offer, absolutely can get a job offer.

2. YouTube

Youtube is a great platform for all purposes starting from learning to exposing talents. There is many youtube channel to learn anything want. Justin Bieber, the popular successful pop musician & singer used the YoUtube in the right to expose his singing skills. It was the right platform to reach Justin on the more people’s vibe. So YouTube is the best right trending platform for showing up all your skills, talents, etc.

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3. Instagram

Businesses and models have been using Instagram social media. Uploading stunning pictures and videos on Instagram using the right platform helps models for the purpose needs are film, promotion acting chances. So many actresses and models have got acting chances in the film industry. Also, Instagram is one of the right platforms to see successful growth for small businesses.

4. Pinterest

Pinning stunning images on Pinterest can get a lot of benefits, increase the sales of the business, see the success of affiliate marketing and collect useful information.

Hopefully, you have known all about how to utilize social media in the right way.


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