Top 5+ Best Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Sometimes we have trouble while browsing on the internet that takes too much time to resolve the problem. You might have thought about it, if the feature is, it will be better.  A few years ago, top browsers introduced a new feature called extension to ease browsing as smooth. Using the Extension technology can customize the browsing experience as you preferred. Now all, Extensions make our web technology utility as easy. There is a ton of extensions available to use in the chrome webstore. We are going to talk about the best and useful Chrome extensions that are improving our browsing experience. Most of us have been using the chrome browser. Microsoft has provided the Microsoft Edge browser in-built to browse the internet as default in most Windows operating systems. Though, most computer users have been using a chrome web browser to browse the internet. Chrome introduced a new feature Which is called chrome extension. Chrome extension eases our internet activity as well. At the same time, that eliminates our hardenable tasks over the internet.

useful google chrome extensions

1. Domain Age Checker

Now you don’t need to go to another website over checking the domain name without wasting your valuable time on it. Easily Add on Domain Age Checker extension in Google Chrome Webstore and once successfully added on your browser. By clicking the domain age checker extension icon, you can know the domain age that you are on the webpage of the domain currentlyFor multiple domain checks, you have to click the “For multiple domains” option will redirect you to the Multiple domains checking tools. This chrome extension is beneficial for those SEO analysts, Bloggers, Web developers, Domain Analysts, and Digital Marketing Analysts.

2. IG Downloader

Many of them have been using Instagram on the web, in that you could see there is no feature to download from Instagram either images or videos, also you can’t directly download images by right-clicking on chrome browser and save them on your local disk. Instagram restricts download images and videos directly to protect users’ privacy. Even if there is a bunch of tools and apps, it will not be convenient to use. Every time you have to go to the particular Tool or Web App to download the images and videos of the specific post given Instagram post link. IG Downloader chrome extension makes ease of that process. As scrolling the Instagram feed, you can download images and videos by clicking the download button near of each post. Once you clicked the IG download button in a specific post image or video will be downloaded on your computer as local.

3. ZenMate VPN

Sometimes you may encounter the blocked pages by the government that you want to visit and have to hide your IP for those you should have to use VPN. Using VPN  Services, you can browse as anonymous by hiding your IP and can unblock blocked web pages. So next, you may be decided to install VPN software on your computer.  Installing the VPN software makes your pc very slow and also takes much space to use the software. VPN services always will be run in the background that takes high memory to run. Overcome all those memory/disk consumption, use an extension ZenMate VPN available in the chrome web store to use for free, but can establish the VPN connection to the chrome browser only. The ZenMate VPN extension has been offering 4-countries’ VPN servers in the free plan to use. Those are Romania, Germany, Singapore, and the United StatesIf you go to the premium version of ZenMate can unlock 74-countries fast server. Effortlessly can enable the VPN server by pressing the extension icon located on the top right corner of the chrome browser in the Extension Bar. Once you have enabled the server, start browsing the internet as private.

4. Keyword Surfer

Many bloggers and Keyword Researchers have been finding any free keyword tool that is great for Keyword Research. Keyword Surfer is the most popular keyword research extension to exploring the keywords on the search engine. Keyword Surfer lets you know the search volumes of the keyword that you search. This tool is 100% free to use. Just add this extension will show you the Keyword ideas, similarity, and volume of the keyword. Additionally, that tool shows the total words are in each result in all posts of the query with the number of keywords matched located in that post.

5. Volume Booster

Have you any time worried about the poor audio quality experience faced? When watching videos and hearing audio in the chrome browser. No problems, use this Volume Booster to boost your poor audio quality to higher. We always recommend using volume booster extension in the limitation. If you increase too much volume in the volume booster, it will damage your pc speakers and encounter earing problems. Don’t cross the limit in the Volume Booster.

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6. Easy Auto Refresh

You may need to autoload the pages in the browser. Perhaps an easy auto refresh extension will help you to achieve that. You can set the number of seconds to refresh or reload the web page. Also, you can apply different sec to each tab or page. Add this extension and click the extension, set timing that after the page to refresh or load then click start. That’s all.

7. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager extension performs associating with IDM software. The extension helps to download any video and audio over the internet with the specified quality and format. It will detect the video and audio in the webpage within a second then, it will show the download floating button to download. Easily, click the hover the download button to get the download option as the quality as the file format. IDM extension will be an advantageous extension for all internet enthusiasts to download video or audio anywhere on the internet. You can not directly install this extension from the chrome web store, so you have to install IDM software in your specified system to use this extension. For some security purposes over users, google restricts this extension in the chrome web store to use and install. Once you installed this IDM software on your system. The IDM extension will be added automatically to your browser those you installed in your system. But you have to do one thing before using this extension as well. When you open the browser after successfully installing IDM software, that browser will request your permission to add an IDM extension. Next, you can enjoy downloading any video or audio that you preferred.


The extensions will not show up in the incognito mode until you enable the extension to show on incognito mode. I hope you guys have liked the best and top chrome extensions article. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share this with your friends. Keep Safe Browsing.

How to use extension in incognito mode

If you want to use extensions in the incognito mode, first need to do one. Just follow the upcoming instructions to enable the extension in incognito mode.

1. Open google chrome on your computer or laptop.

2. Once google chrome popped up on your screen, you could see the 3-vertical dots on the top right corner of the browser called the menu.

3. Click the menu, and you will see a lot of options there, find more tools from the expanded menu

4. Once you see more tools options next, hover on that option, and Now you will see the extensions option.

5.Next, click the extension option. Click the option that will redirect you to a new tab where all of your installed extensions are located.

6. Now, choose the extension from the list to use in the incognito mode. To do this, click the details button below the extension.

7. Here, you can see the “use this extension in incognito mode“, just toggle the switch on to use it in incognito.

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