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What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private network that straightforwardly gives the traffic to the user from the private server connected by the VPN, also is fast and secure depending upon the VPN provider. Premium VPN is fast, robust, and secure. Free VPN services and providers do not give a Guarantee to the secure connection.

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How VPN does it work?

Simply VPN connection connects you and between the Private Server to the Internet. VPN sends all the data from routed and encrypted VPN tunnels as safe. Once the VPN connection establishes your network IP address disguised by the VPN as another fake IP address likewise proxy, and When you use the IP address by connecting VPN services, the locations become invisible to everyone.

The simple working principle of the VPN is, Every domain has a unique IP address with a set of numbers, just like our home address registered by the domain service provider. When we browse the website by entering the URL or Domain of the IP address, that website sends some information like the IP address of the network IP, location, devices information, and more to the server.

By connecting the VPN, routes our network to VPN private server network. Sends the fake IP address to the websites as accessing the website as a secure connection. The below-mentioned video shows a detailed explanation of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Advantages of VPN:

  • Unblock website
  • Unblock blocked apps
  • Hide the IP address
  • Surf the internet privately and safely
  • Unblock the censored website
  • Entering restricted apps/websites
  • Invisibly surf the network
  • Hide location data
  • Hide device information

In this article, we are going to discussing all VPN services those IPVanish, Open VPN, NordVPN, Express VPN, Turbo VPN, Surfshark, TorGuard VPN, VPN for Android Platform, VPN for iPhone, VPN for Routers, VPN for PC, Best Free VPN, and Best VPN. Now you can ask me, how can I trust the VPN service providers to make our online privacy safe?. We can not tell the assurance to our privacy over free VPN, but Premium VPN services secure our privacy.

Free VPN Features:

  • Limited server locations.
  • Limited Speed
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Security Access

Premium VPN Benefits

  • Unlimited server locations
  • Fast Speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Safe Surfing internet
  • No lag while browsing.
  • Here we are listing the best free VPN services

Premium | Paid Best VPN services

1. Express VPN:

No 1 Trusted leader in VPN service and 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • 160 Locations
  • 94 Countries
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Enjoy unrestricted access worldwide
  • Stay secure and anonymous online
  • All supported platforms, get ExpressVPN on all your devices
  • Powerful online protection
  • Internet without borders
  • Supercharged VPN

2. Nord VPN:

More open, Private, and Safe VPN Service.

The motto of this service is :

Keep all your data safe from prying eyes.


  • Enjoy a hassle-free online experience
  • Anywhere access.
  • Works on all devices.
  • Unlimited Security
  • No logs policies
  • Block malicious websites
  • Use effortlessly

3.Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost VPN: Powered by 15 years of expertise.


  • Access anything and everything.
  • Online anonymity & safety for your data
  • Absolute privacy on all devices

Free Best VPN services

1. Turbo VPN

Install: Get VPN from play store:

Most installed VPN app in play store.


  • Secure, fast, and free VPN trusted by 100,000,000+ users
  • Protect online privacy
  • The secure Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Access blocked websites and apps

2. Tor Browser – The Online Router [Windows | Linux | Android | IOS]

Tor, or The Onion Router, is a browsing tool that is used to surf the web anonymously. There are a lot of ways the internet can track us with ease. By using our IP address, websites can use knowing information to target advertisements and gather data about our browsing knowledge. So it is no surprise that writers, enthusiasts, and privacy advocates have turned to Tor for a more anonymous browsing experience. In a normal Internet connection, you are directly connected to the website you are trying to visit any website, and any other spying eyes can see who you are and that you are attempting to reach their server using the IP address of your network. The Tor network is made up of infinite nodes, or relay points, that pass your data along using layers of encryption. Each node that your data passes through another layer of encryption. it shows the previous node IP address, as well as where it is being sent to. The last node your data passes through is known as the exit node, and it opens up the final layer of encryption and then delivers your data to the intended server. The point of entry, and the intermediary nodes, are completely anonymous. Besides browsing the Internet, Tor users can use it is hidden services to create private websites and messengers that can only be found using the Tor browser. These private sites, which are part of the dark web, are where pages like the Internet black markets can be found. However, not all activity on Tor is for bad purposes.

Anonymous Internet usage can be important for writers who are reaching out to sources, an enthusiast who live in countries that censor or block Internet usage, and even law-enforcement officers who use it for secret operations. But nothing is perfect, and while onion routing makes it more difficult for prying eyes and observers to track your activities, it does not make it impossible. There are still ways criminals can view activity on the network and extract data from weak entry and exit points, especially if Tor users are not careful.

Do you use Tor to browse?

Here is the answer well, if you are an irregular internet user, only signing on to Facebook, Twitter, or social media probably, you don’t have to use the Tor browser. When using the Tor Browser, do not upload any sensitive information of yours.

Highlights of the Tor Browser

The most secure and fast network on the internet keeps the safety of our privacy and randomly connects the network by publicly listed networks.

1. Tor browser using the p2p network connection.

2. The tor browser builds with the famous open-source firebase core.

3. Surf the internet as anonymous.

4. Access everything on the internet.

Download Latest Tor Brower:


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