WeCatch Apk Download for Android


Most often, users download & installing wecatch apk or app to spoof the location of the pokemon go game. Because many pokemon go gamers believe that Taiwan country is the great one to catch rare pokemon. So, the app is also used as a spoofing application for the pokemon go game.

The bad news is wecatch only perform in Taiwan country. So, users can’t spoof other countries. If you wish to spoof other locations for pokemon go, the app is not for you. You can get other spoofing applications or pgsharp the official one to spoof the location to secure your pokemon go account.


And this application works on both online and offline modes as well. Before using the app in the offline mode on your android smartphone, users need to download the offline working capability maps using the data or internet connection. It will consume the data depending on the map you going to download.

Moreover, we do not recommend using the offline mode or online mode. Because the online functionality has more features than offline modes. Also, users can monitor locations using real-time functionalities.

Overview of WeCatch App

WeCatch is an android application to spoof locations in Taiwan. If you are a newbie to Taiwan, it lets you visit Taiwan. Users must download this application on their smartphone those are wishing to visit Taiwan overall. So, this app is an excellent application to spoof Taiwan country. Also, this application only maps Taiwan country, so the users can’t spoof other countries except for Taiwan.

Using this great application, users can know all the information about the location, and city information in Taiwan. It gives more information than other mapping apps that don’t give which is the reason why Taiwanese people prefer to download wecatch app on their smartphones than other apps. So, users can get the benefit to know additional information, popular places & areas, and more.

Not only for Taiwanese people, but it is also a great app for those who want to visit or spoof the locations in Taiwan country. Though, this application has the feature to provide live traffic in a certain location or road. So, users can easily teleport to the destination location by choosing the less traffic route by knowing in that app. In addition, users can track cars, buses, trains, and other vehicles’ traffic on the road which is considered a cool feature in the fantastic app.

Download WeCatch Apk for Android

Looking for a download wecatch apk for android, you are at the right pace. Here, we have inked the download link of the wecatch apk for android to download for free. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases to unlock features to use, so it’s completely free.

The only thing you need to do is enable the “unknown sources installation” on your smartphone because you are installing apk from third-party sources.

Final Thoughts

Finally, WeCatch for Android is an android application specially developed for the individuals of Taiwan country to guide Taiwan’s country quickly and efficiently. If you want to stay updated with traffic concerns and about additional routes, without a doubt wecatch apk is for you, and enjoy teleporting with ease.

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