WordPress vs Wix Which is Better for Blogging?

WordPress vs Wix which is better for blogging? You’ll want to build a website, but you are confused about whether to use WordPress or Wix as a website builder.


Founded in 2003, WordPress is an open-source content management system. In simple words, WordPress is completely free. You do not have to pay anything to build a website, but you need a domain, which is a unique name for your website, and web hosting, which hosts your website online.

GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, Domain, hover and SiteGround are some of the notable domain providers. GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Domain are three cost-effective options. Which should be affordable for any blogger. For web hosting. There are platforms such as Namecheap, Bluehost, Hostinger, HostGator, a two hosting, Dream host, siteground, WP Engine, and a few others. Normally, hosting costs around a year, but it can be far more expensive if you have a big website.

On the other hand, Wix, unlike WordPress, is not a free platform you will have to pay to build a dedicated blog. Different platforms are depending on the nature of the blog and the scale of work. There are three notable plans combo Unlimited and Business Basic. Although there are numerous premium themes and plugins required to add more functionality to your WordPress blog, these are not necessary to buy. You will get thousands of free themes and plugins, offering almost everything a blogger needs. So in terms of cost, WordPress gets more points as compared to Wix utility.


It includes the profitability and functionality of WordPress and Wix. If you want to go to a small blog or an online store, you can rely on Wix. For smaller blogs, Wix stands out as compared to WordPress. It is because Wix comes with a more catchy layout. You can easily create and manage categories, tags, posts, scheduling, and related posts without requiring any coding. You can easily customize your blog in a short time. In Wix, you have an easy-to-drag and drop editor.

Importantly, you have 24 x seven customer support, which gives you easy access to website builders. They can easily help you if you want any guidance or support. Notably, Wix is far easier and faster to build a website as compared to WordPress, which further gives it a competitive advantage over WordPress customization, which is considerably more daunting, time-consuming and complicated when it comes to building and customizing a blog. Despite these advantages, Wix is only good for small blogs and stores.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine Optimization Co or search engine optimization is a key component of blogging. If you want to outcompete and outmaneuver competitors, your website should be fully optimized. It means that it should have much-needed features such as speed, keyword optimization, image optimization, website architecture, title tags, meta tags, and others. A close study shows that both WordPress and Wix are highly optimized, which helps websites rank higher than others. In terms of website architecture,

Wix has an advantage as it has a simple and optimized architecture as compared to WordPress. It looks especially pronounced if you have a small blog or online store. In terms of title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, URL, customization 301, redirects, and canonical tags, both WordPress and Wix are on par with each other. Both offer these SEO capabilities. Importantly, Wix gives you SSL encryption, which gives it another advantage over WordPress. An SSL certificate not only provides better security for your blog, but an SSL certificate is also useful for a higher ranking.

Ease Of Use

Ease of Use In terms of ease of use, Wix stands out. Without a doubt, building websites on Wix is far easier and faster. Wix was launched in 2006, three years after the launch of WordPress, because WordPress required knowledge of Java, Python, C, and C. So if you wanted to be a blogger, you needed to have a basic understanding of these computer languages, which made it unsuitable for nonprofessionals.

To address this issue, Wix offered a far easier platform that did not require knowledge of JavaScript, Python, or See. Anyone can build a blog on Wix without requiring extensive tutorials. Not only is building websites easier, but also faster. The drag-drop editor helps build and customize blogs in a short time. On the other hand, WordPress is still a complicated website builder. The process of building takes more time as compared to Wix, such as buying a domain and web hosting and then installing WordPress. Customization also takes close attention and a lot of time. Although plugins such as Elementor also offer a drag-and-drop editor, it is still more daunting and time-consuming as compared to Wix.


Ecommerce Both Wix and WordPress is widely used for eCommerce websites. Wix has a dedicated section of its online store tailored to help sell services or products with easy money transfer options. The options for payments and automatic taxes further make it a great choice for newbies. You do need to manually customize it, which requires great skills and time. On the other hand, Wix is not suitable for bigger eCommerce websites. A large eCommerce site will face issues related to speed and performance. The site’s navigation also becomes lazy, which is a negative thing.

Moreover, on Wix, you don’t have any control over the URL if you have a multilingual store, which is not good. Similarly, a WordPress eCommerce website requires some time and skills for customization. But the WordPress eCommerce site is suitable for all types of stores, either small or big. Plugins like WooCommerce offer all those options required for a store, which makes it on par with Wix in terms of functionality. So if you have time and enough skills, or if you want to build a large eCommerce website, though for WordPress, if you are a newbie or want to build a small eCommerce site or don’t have enough time, Wix is a good option.

Customer Service

Customer service. Wix has great customer service. A team of experts is available 24 by seven that not only guides you but also solves the issue. If you face any issues such as online payment transcript, error incompatibility, broken layout, slow loading, etc. You can contact our customer support and the issue will be resolved at the earliest. On the other hand, WordPress does not have a customer support program.

If you have made an error, the only way to figure it out is to spend hours figuring it out on your own or hire a WordPress professional. It does have a forum where customers share their issues, but not all questions are properly answered. The issue of lack of customer support becomes even more crucial considering WordPress is more extensive and complicated, mainly due to coding. In short, if you are new and lack of basic understanding of coding, Wix will be a better option.

Final Verdict

Final verdict WordPress is an all-in-one option since you were able to customize it according to your needs. It gives you options such as fast speed, on-page optimization, numerous layouts, customization, and overall satisfactory performance.

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