xVideoservicethief Software Review

What is xVideoservicethief?

xVideoservicethief is the software tool to download videos from variety of the online websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and other online streaming sites. It is very popular video downloader software tool.

Why xVideoservicethief Software Tool is Preferred than Other Software?


This software is almost available for free to use. Not only that, it supports all the operating systems windows, mac, linux operating systems includes Ubuntu. So you can easily download xVideoservicethief software for free from official website.

Download and install the Xvideoservicethief software for ubuntu 14.04.

Why Ubuntu is Best Platform for xvideoservicethief?

xVideoservicethief working fine and robust on the Linux based operating system ubuntu. Most of the people, downloading this software ubuntu version for the purpose of downloading videos.

What are the Main Features of the xVideoservicethief?

xVideoservicethief has useful and time consuming features to download videos from the internet. The below represents Xvideoservicethief software tool features,

  1. Accesibles information
  2. Download Log’s
  3. Simultaneous Downloads
  4. Pause and Resume Downloads
  5. Core Based On Plugins
  6. Search Videos
  7. Cross Platform
  8. Automatic Updates
  9. Drag & Drop Support
  10. Bug Report
  11. Proxy Server Support
  12. Customizable Websites
  13. Tray Icon Feature
  14. Children Protection
  15. Session Manager
  16. Multilanguage
  17. Language Manager
  18. Open Source
  19. It’s totall free
  20. Download from YouTube & Co
  21. Convert Downloaded Video
  22. Schedule Configuration
  23. HTTP & RTMP Support

How much does it cost xVideoservicethief?

xVideoservicethief doesn’t cost any fees for use this software. So, it’s completely free to use. Because, it’s open source Software.

Is Advertisement are in the Software?

Completely, xvideoservicethief is advertisement free software. No, advertisement and promotions are included in this software.

Download Speed of the xVideoservicethief?

xVideoservicethief software download speed is very high compare to othe download software. Also, xvideoservicethief software has multi and/or simultaneous download option in which case the download speed is less.

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