13 Common YouTube Beginner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The 13 biggest mistakes new YouTubers make, and how to avoid them, so you can create engaging audiences and grow your YouTube channel. So let’s get started.

youtube beginner mistakes
YouTube Beginner Mistakes

1. Obsessing Overviews and subscribers

If you focus more on the results than on the reason why you create content in the first place, you’re starting wrong. It’s very easy to fall for this competitive trap because the higher the sub count, the cooler you are, right? Well, not really. Instead, you get extremely demotivated to reach these very forced and unrealistic expectations. Most viewers don’t care about the sub count or about viewers, more than they care about good content. If you enjoy making your videos and you can see it back in your videos, audiences will probably see that and resonate with that feeling. Ironically enough, there’s a chance you will get more subscribers and views if you just focus on that passion, instead of just focusing on the views and subscribers.

2. Going Too Broad With Your Content Approach

Creating content about everything is not going to help your channel grow. If you’re creating cooking videos and horse videos and gaming videos and cat videos on one channel, your viewers do not know what to expect, every time you’re gonna upload. Instead, try to niche it down so your channel has more consistency and the viewers know what they’re signing up for.

3. Not being authentic

It’s very easy to choose a path that has already been traveled and has been a success for other creators. However, it doesn’t mean that copying is gonna make you successful. Instead, focus on what makes you stand out and what your style is. Ask yourself the questions, what are you good at? and what makes you different from other people? Try to resonate that idea in your videos, and you allow your audience to connect and interact with you, way better. Mistake choosing quantity over quality.

4. Misconception About Number of Videos

There’s a huge misconception about the number of videos that need to be posted to be seen on YouTube. Sure, you can make as many videos as you like and post as many videos as you like. But remember, if you’re sacrificing the quality of one video because you want to create three videos a day, you’re making a huge mistake. This will simply not equal a bigger and more engaging audience, only good content will. So rather create engaging, dynamic, and interesting content without sacrificing the quality of the videos. 

5. Not Sticking to a Consistent Schedule

Like I said before, you should focus on the quality of the content, but try to stick the release of content to a specific schedule. This way, if you keep it consistent, your audience knows exactly when you’re gonna upload your videos and this will help you manifest the workflow for creating, writing, and editing your videos.

6. Underestimating the Importance of Presentation

Your video could be really good, but if your title and your thumbnail are not as appealing and engaging, you’re gonna miss out on viewers. You can compare the situation to a book. People judge a book by its cover. If they’re not gonna like the cover, it’s gonna be the deciding factor, whether they’re gonna read the book or not. It’s the same for your videos. If they don’t like the thumbnail and the title, they’re not gonna click on it. As you can see, even on our own YouTube channel, we’re constantly trying to focus on this and see what we can optimize. For instance, something we use, and it might be interesting for you too, is checking the CTR in the YouTube Studio. This is the click-through rate, and it means how much percent of the total impressions, click through to watch your video. So, try to create thumbnails and titles that are appealing and engaging and offer value straight away. Keep an eye on the CTR and just see what works for you in your channel.

7. Choosing Gear Over a Good Story

Pretty much by definition, a good video doesn’t equal the highest video production ever, but it does to a good story and a good plan. See, there’s a misconception about this because there are so many good channels out there with minimal equipment and have the most loyal fan bases or audiences. As long as you keep your audience engaged and interested with a good story and a reason to watch, you’ll have a bazillion times more impact on the viewer than solely having expensive equipment and a bad story.

8. Seeking for Validation.

As a new YouTuber, it could be very nice and safe to hear from people around you, “You’re doing a good job on your videos.” However, beware that you’re not fully relying on other people’s approval to make the content that you wanna make. After all, it’s your channel, it’s your creative space that people get to see and experience. So, try to keep that pure. So, of course, you can ask for feedback if you want, but please don’t try to rely on other people’s opinions, too much. 

9. Over-Promising and Under-Delivering

It could be very tempting to hype up an idea for a new YouTube channel or a new awesome video. But remember this, the more hype you create about the things you’re gonna create, the higher the expectations. A lot of people have a lot of promises, but they can fall short after the release of their content because people have high expectations or the creators put a lot of destructible pressure upon themselves. It just could be better for you, the audience, and the channel, overall, to keep the hype very minimal and just surprise the people with the things you created. And after that, you can always hype it up a little bit more, but then it’s finished and it’s already out there.

10. Short-Term Algorithm Obsession

Ah, the algorithm, the thing that controls our online universe. Like discussed in mistake number one, it’s very easy to get obsessed over numbers and results. Don’t get me wrong though, because understanding the data behind your channel can be very helpful, and knowing what keywords to use, but don’t let your creativity die over it. Plus, a lot of new YouTubers do not understand that YouTube needs time to like you and your channel. This means that it could take weeks, months, or even a year for your videos to rank and reach a bigger audience. It simply just takes time. In the meantime, try to create content that you like to create and that your audience might find interesting

11. Lack of Research and Analysis

If your videos are picking up viewers, and even if it’s a few, you can still learn a lot from that. For instance, in the YouTube Studio, you can see the results of impressions, click-through rates, and audience retention of your videos. For a lot of new YouTubers, the data could be quite overwhelming, which is understandable, they’re just neglected. But I advise you to start looking at your audience retention. This is a way of seeing how much percent of the total viewers, watch certain parts of the video. If there’s a significant percentage change, you can judge on the content of the video, why people clicked away, or watch that specific section, instead. This might give you a little bit of insight into the perception of the videos by your viewers. So you can optimize the approach in your next videos, so you keep your audiences interested.

12. Feeling Alone and Doing Everything By Yourself.

As a new YouTuber, it could be very lonely, at first. You’re shooting videos on your own. You’re editing videos on your own. You’re brainstorming on your own. To keep yourself inspired and motivated, try to reach out to creators that are in the same niche. You can try to do some collaborations or you can join a Facebook group to share ideas. It allows you, as a creator, to lean on them if you’re struggling with ideas or if you’re struggling with technical issues. You can also grow tremendously as a YouTuber by learning from those people. 

13. Forgetting Why You Started

You’re creating a video and you’re stressed out and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you catch yourself in this negative spiral of thoughts, try to catch yourself, go back to the moment in time when you realized you wanted to start a YouTube channel, and generally try to relive the moment where you were feeling enthusiastic and excited for your new channel, for your new cooking channel or gaming channel or your cat vlog channel. Never lose your creativity and spark, and don’t ever let your concerns ruin your ambitions to make videos.

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