Guide: YouTube Beginner Tips to a Successful Channel

How to Start a Youtube Channel in this time, In this article, know you through the process of how you can start a youtube channel. Believe having a youtube channel is the journey to being in control of your life and time. This guide and youtube beginner tips help to reach a successful youtube channel.

When you’re starting you need to figure out your expertise and how you want to make the best of it. You might be a full-time employee but there is something you are passionate about which you can share with people on youtube and make extra income.

YouTube Beginner Tips

You might be a medical doctor, fashion designer, web developer, makeup artist, hairstylist or a blogger, etc., then you have the potential to show people all about your work and encourage others too. Business owners are also able to sell and promote their products and services on youtube. So presenting you some tips on how you can start your youtube channel. Now let’s get started with these youtube beginner tips.

1. Discover Your Niche Or No Niche

Yes, You might have the passion or skill which is the most important to keep you going but then, you need to know if there are people on youtube who are making content based on your niche which sure, there are. Try to check out for most popular YouTubers to get hints on how you can start making videos. Check the comments on their videos to see people’s opinions and you can get to know why these people like their videos.

Not saying you are not to copy them but just for you to get ideas, improve and make unique content. In case you don’t have a niche, then get to know yourself and find out your capability or ask people around you what they feel is cool and special about you. From that, you’ll get an idea of what to do. There are many niche ideas to choose from like technology, vlogging, education, etc, so choose the one that out. 

2. Set Up Your Youtube Channel

The next thing you have to do is set up your youtube channel using your Gmail account. Creating a youtube channel isn’t hard, just go to youtube, and sign in. Create a channel and upload videos that are all. In this case, you need to make your channel look impressive and well optimized. 

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a way of finding words and phrases that people use to search for video content online. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world and the most popular video website, so let most of your keyword research for videos focus on YouTube search. You may be wondering what are keywords. Keywords are words and phrases that describe the topics you write about. Youtube focuses on keywords, so you should not underestimate the power of these keywords. Look out for channels in your niche, that are performing great, sort their videos by most popular to get ideas on what audience in your niche are searching for. Here you can focus on this kind of keyword and make unique video titles. You need 20 keywords to get started.

How to research keywords for the YouTube Videos

Now it’s time to concentrate more on your keyword research. Confirm this keyword by making use of the youtube or google search box. Those words that come up are keywords. Then get these 20 keywords, script your ideas on the keywords and start planning your first 20 videos. With time, your subscribers will give ideas on what kind of video they’ll like to see and you can discover more ideas on your own as time goes by. 

4. Filming Gadgets

Now, you can start searching for filming gadgets based on your budget. You don’t need to start with the most expensive gadgets, you have your phone to start with or a PC’s webcam for recording. Thinking about this may affect your flow but you should never give up on yourself and never consider yourself to be a failure. Stay humble and start with what you have. 

5. Quality Contents

You must make sure you have quality content. Imagine yourself watching your video and trying to figure out if it solves people’s problem, will it compel them to subscribe? If you can answer this question confidently, then you are on the right track. Now get to work, edit your videos perfectly with any editing software you’re convenient with, and start uploading.

6. Relate with channels across your niche

You should participate in other people’s channels across your niche, by writing comments on their videos, answering questions, and giving suggestions. This will expose your channel and give you more subscribers and as well views. Especially when you have lots of thumbs up on your comments. Never make the mistake of writing sub for sub, this is considered spam and it’s against the youtube community guidelines. As you relate across your niche, you’re learning and also improving yourself. and you can even learn through youtube creators academy, there are great videos that will help a lot.

7. Create Awareness on Social Media

It may be difficult to get engagement when starting, everyone has to go through this phase but you shouldn’t be discouraged and keep moving. You have family and friends on different social media, you should take advantage of this. Let them know you have a youtube channel and encourage them to support you by subscribing and sharing your videos. Create social accounts for your brand or youtube channel to build an audience and promote your content.

8. Time and Consistency

When you are starting a youtube channel, you should be ready to give it time and attention. Being consistent with the uploading of videos will help grow your audience fast. You must be sure you can leave enough time to record, edit, promote and improve your content on youtube. You sure want to earn a lot from this channel but you should focus and have the desire to showcase your product, talent, or skill for free, this will help a lot and you can patiently wait for your reward to come.

9. Call to Action

Make sure to always tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel, just like many YouTubers will say earlier in the video. Although some people will subscribe without you saying it this might be a good reminder for your prospective subscribers.

10. Surprise subscribers sometimes

To engage the subscribers on the youtube channel give giveaway surprises to the viewers or subscribers.

So appreciate for reading the guide of youtube beginner tips and all the best as you start your youtube channel.

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